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  1. I am going to apply for jobs within the NHS and other jobs also.
  2. It is hard when it is all I have ever known and I am trying to see what else I enjoy. I guess it would have to be something within healthcare or customer service.
  3. It was part of a medical degree but I failed the medical degree at the final hurdle-they refused to give me another chance and my course was terminated and walked away with a Biomedical Sciences with Honours.
  4. hahaha your post made me laugh! I can definitely toast a bagel, hahaha.
  5. This isn't my first job no, i worked in 2008 in a food outlet and then for a year and then did some student ambassador work and some care work also. However after I graduated i was desperate to get a paid job and just applied for coffee shop work.
  6. Is that what other people do? I feel like I am constantly serious all the time and not good at being light-hearted and the other co-workers are-hence why I feel like I don’t fit in :(
  7. Yes but how do I do that if I am not enjoying the job? Do I just force myself?
  8. I’m looking at other jobs for sure but haven’t had time to apply for jobs but now I’m going to find time as this job is really dull. I have been told my manager to lower my hours (so I can look for other jobs tbh) but I said it’s due to a different reason.
  9. Hello everyone, I have started a job at Starbucks 6 weeks ago and I just hate it. I don’t get along with any of my colleagues- not so much that I just feel it’s forced , very very forced. The job itself is just dull and repetitive and I just hate being there. I feel like it is a prison. I feel my energy is being sucked out of me! I have just finished university in a degree in medical sciences and been volunteering prior to getting the Starbucks. What should I do??
  10. Hello dancing fool, Thank you. I just tend to really stressed out and think the worst but I am going to keep going and keep pushing on ahead! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
  11. Thank you, I feel like I have problems memorizing the drinks- I’m trying now to memorize them.
  12. Because I couldn’t afford to move out yet till payday, I tried moving out to my mums but there’s issues there too.
  13. I’m having a really hard time at the moment. Just started a new job for 3 weeks at Starbucks and I keep being told I need to speed up. My situation at home is awful- I live with my sister and her children who always have problems. I never get any private time- there’s always shouting and arguing all the time and I never get my own space. I just feel all angles Of my life are really really hard 😢😢😢😢 I feel so trapped and hopeless.
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