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  1. I know what everyone is going to say. But here is my latest update. So Bens sister invited me to a family party last Saturday night. I went Ben was there he seemed happy that I was there at the party. We ended driving back together in his car home. I did end up sleeping with him. I spent the whole night with him. And we spent the whole Sunday together. Went on the breakfast date like we were going to. Had a good time talking. He seemed different not acting like a jerk. Actually acting like I was more than just a screw in bed. He had a business dinner to go to tonight and told me he was going and when he would be back. I didn't ask for the info he offered to tell me. But when he got home he seemed irritated with me. He told me he needed to make a phone call. So I told him I was going to go have a cigarette while he was on his cell. He has a ear infection so he asked me to put drops in his ears for the second night in a row. I don't know why he brings me up and then drops me back down.
  2. I didn't realize I said ugh that many times oh geez. When he makes a jerk remarks they are usually really big ones. How am I sending myself mixed messages? He sends me a mix message when he hugs me really hard and kisses me every morning. That's not something a guy does if you are just a booty call. Especially when I didn't sleep with him the night before. And he has to go out of his way to come into my room to do it. He could just walk out the door to leave for work period.
  3. No except it is wrong when he knows how I feel about him and is playing games. Sending me mixed messages. And Yes Wise I am feeling attached to him. I know he doesn't care as much as I do about him. But again why pay attention to me more than he has to. Why not just hit me up when he just wants s*x? Instead of acting like he likes me.
  4. No except it is wrong when he knows how I feel about him and is playing games. Sending me mixed messages. And Yes Wise I am feeling attached to him. I know he doesn't care as much as I do about him. But again why pay attention to me more than he has to. Why not just hit me up when he just wants sex? Instead of acting like he likes me.
  5. Yes I am making myself crazy. You are right it is all me. I think about him all the time. I don't love him so I don't expect for him to feel that way back. Still feel like he sends me mixed messages. But why does he even bother to make a effort to kiss and hug me every day. If he doesn't see me he goes into my room doesn't knock either. He was upset at midnight last night waking me up asking why I wasn't missing him waiting in the house like I should have been. He said he was afraid I would be mad if he asked me earlier when he first came home. I told him that I needed a cigarette that's why I wasn't waiting for him inside the house. He has a lot of fu**king nerve. I am trying to believe what you guys are telling me but why bother everyday to act like he does care? And yes I have a feeling that he has at least one more person and it might not be his ex wife I am finding out.
  6. Tonight he was acting like he was so into me. Kissing me and want to talk along time. But then he asked me out for tomorrow tonight but then said to me that he forgot he was going to see his 26yrold daughter tomorrow night and couldn't. So the next night would be better. I think he is lying. So he kissed me good night and then went to his room to sleep and I went to my room. Crying again right now. Why is he being so up and down. It's like he's afraid to really get into me. I know everyone who has replied keeps telling me he is such a jerk. But he knows how much I like him
  7. No he just came in my room I didn't invited him in to it. He is making me crazy.
  8. But we didn't have sex when he came into my room. And I did play hard to get because I refused the first 2 times to sleep with him. He has asked me out on a breakfast date for next Sunday. That's why all this not attracted to you sexually is making me crazy. Even sounds more weird. Or am I just reading more into that too??
  9. boltnrun I feel very insecure and anxious. I wish I could just make all these feelings for him go away. He says the most crazy things under his breath. And now the erection problem last Saturday night. But he's still acting like he's into me. I feel like sh*t right now and just feeling also desperate to for any sign that my crush still wants me at all. I am beyond pathetic
  10. Again why make a effort to come into my bedroom last night when he got home if he doesn't really care about me? I didn't ask him to I didn't put him in the position that he had to. Why still kiss me and pull me close to his body? If I'm not into someone or turned on by the person than I don't get sexually aroused. Are guys that different? I really hope you are wrong and he does care.
  11. I just meant it isn't like I'm forcing him to do these things. He wants to.
  12. But I was dressed last night when he got a erection. Only thing he doesn't like is my cigarette smoking that I know of. And so why is he still doing all the same things like hugs and kisses. He kissed my tattoo on my stomach after we woke up yesterday morning. Why would he do that? Why play games? Why not just avoid me? He's making a effort to still see me. He's definitely not avoiding me. It isn't like I put myself in the position that he has to see me. If he doesn't want more sex then why did he ask me into his room to spend the night and be with him?
  13. You are right Wise I'm really nothing to him right now. No commitments or anything. It's hard because I have all these feelings for him and he knows it. He acts more like we are married than I do. It isn't like I'm cooking for him and doing his laundry or anything.
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