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  1. I wrote a post a week or two ago about my ex who was playing mind games. I have recently found out from a few of her friends that she is not doing well at all. She dumped me in May because she lost attraction to me. I was told she had a quick three week rebound with some guy who then dumped her, meaning she was probably playing those games after they were done. She also has called me drunk, saying some things that were not kind. She apologized later and all was well, to the point she was going to invite me over to catch up but canceled last minute before lying saying she had a boyfriend, which her friend messaged me saying she doesn't. Her friend also told me some guys online rejected her, saying she was not attractive and the a******s were very rude to her, helping her downward spiral. Her one friend is telling me to wait it out because my ex was never happier than when she was with me and she is doing this as a defense mechanism. meanwhile my ex says we are never going to be together again. She also has a illness, which this, along with her heavy drinking and semi isolation has me worried Truth is I still love her and would do almost anything to get back together with her. But i would shelve everything going on because her well being is way more important than trying to reconcile right now. I know a lot of people are going to say leave her and dont look back, but I can not do that so If anyone has any other advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Heres an update. Got this email from her just now. Have not responded to it "I wasn’t trying to purposefully hurt you. I misread the situation, I thought we were being friends. But I know better now. I’m sorry"
  3. And that sucks too. Almost 4 years and a couple months from proposing before we split now at this point. This hurts
  4. Why would my ex girlfriend reach out after going no contact, acts great and friendly, make plans to meet up for ice cream at our old house, and then cancels a few hours before and say she is dating someone and proceeds to get mad when i say that was messed up, after which I found out she lied again about dating someone because she created a dating profile today on a dating site im also on. She then proceeds to get upset and say im accusing her of lying, which she did? So confused. I know it sounds crazy but i want to reconcile. We had almost 4 years together. I truly do so any advice that could possibly lead to a chance to reconcile so anything that can help toward that I would love to do Why would she do this?
  5. I was dating my ex girlfriend for almost 4 years. We had been on and off during that time but we learned from our mistakes and moved on. I thought we were good, so much so that I bought a ring to propose to her on our anniversary in July. Two months before I could, she dumped me because she said she just didn't want to be with me anymore. I moved out after a month but she would call and ask to watch the pets we had while she went on a weekend vacation with her family. While there, I saw one of the letters I wrote to her asking about another chance on the dresser. I also saw a lot of the stuff I forgot were still there, even after she said she had thrown them out. It has been a rocky breakup. I did the wrong thing of begging and pleading to get back with her through texts and emails but she rebuffed my advances, saying she did not want to get back together. Fast forward to last week. She said she was dating some guy and having fun. I asked a mutual friend she tells everything to a day later and she said it was not true at all. Her friend says she has been taking the breakup hard, even after she initiated it. A couple days later, she calls me drunk, telling me she is having trouble at work and other things in her life. I talked to her and legitimately cared and tried to help her because I still love her. I offered to meet up to talk to her about what is going on but she said no. She then tells me she now has 3 guys she's seeing at the same time and she doesn't have time to see me because it is all complicated. She so said these guys were doing things with her I didn't like cook for her, fight for her and stuff like that. Meanwhile, I verified again she is not dating, seeing or messing around with anyone. I have been no contact since because originally, this put me in a bad place the day after until I found out it was all not true. She knows how I feel about her and she initiated the breakup. She also knows if she wanted to reconcile I would be all for it. Why is she trying to make me jealous or play mind games like this, even after the history we have together?
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