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  1. Because before he acted like a jerk he was actually a nice supportive and sweet and caring guy. I feel like he did this douche act so i can forget and get over him because he found someone else which hurts so much i'm stil hurting so much.
  2. We didnt formally breakup he just left me hanging and ghosted on me which is really hard in my part. Why its so easy for him to forget me and move on? when i'm all here thinking and crying because of him. I just wish he still talk to me and change us to friends. I never have friends and when i dated him he made me feel and say " i will always support you in whatever" and now he is gone i feel so alone and unlovable. He knew i have depression and a lot of personal issues. why did he hurt and leave me just like that? Just hurts so much. I'm so sad And you are right
  3. Yeah he talked about his family and school issues. but why cut someone off? am i such a nuissance? We didnt have contact for months. He sent me an apology message last May but i seen it a month later and only replied with a question mark and readded him on snapchat but he didnt acknowledge the readding i know he is using the app and that kills me i wish i didnt readded him there at all. i'm really depressed that i dont wanna eat and take a shower and take care of myself anymore i reallly really love him. its so hard to let go.
  4. I just wish i wake up one day without hurting and thinking of him always. I really dont know why he has to dump and cut me off his life. Am i that bad? That none stays with me? I wanna text him but i'm afraid he will just ignore it.
  5. I'm so depressed. I cant stop thinking about him
  6. I felt the love in all honesty he would support and try to change me and getting out of my depression but i think i was too much of a burden for him because i became clingy and would get upset easy and would lose confidence in us by pushing him away and telling him we would just waste time. in all those 5 months i wasnt confident but he still stayed and was patient i just dont know what made him do his last disrespecful action of ghosting me. it hurts so much i always question if he really cared or loved me if he did he wouldnt leave me and ghost me i trusted him so much . when we talk we nev
  7. its not all its cracked to be What does this mean?
  8. Hi there. I've been on an LDR for 5 months but the difference is he is very responsive and replies fast but he still broke my heart and ghosted me. he was the one who seem positive and say we will find a way to make it work but it still failed. he sounds very suspicious already for me being a month being together i suggest you cut it already before you fall hard and invest more emotions like i do. moving on is difficult too. but i hope you heal quick i end up wallowing and being so depressed because i thought i found the one
  9. but i've seen LDR couples meet in real life. :( and that is my ultimate dream. whats with them? :(
  10. Yeah i know. I remembered those times last holidays and my birthday i've been texting him a lot but i was ignored he texted me after 5 months of no contact saying everytime he try to message me and apologize he freeze and feel like crying. i replied him a question mark and even readded him on snapchat but he didnt reply and i feel hurt and stupid. its just that when i was dating or talking to him for months i was focused on him and he isnt perverted like most guys i've met. and i like that about him. i have no friends and my life revolved into him so here iam dwelling because i really dont se
  11. I've seen on him on cam and he is real and lives with his parents so i doubt he is married.
  12. No, he said we would and i trusted him but he disappeared and left me hanging. i still dont understand what he did.
  13. I was in an LDR for 5 months i met him when i was struggling to get over a guy he really liked me and said he wanna date me i was hesitant because he was young. i was 29 and he is only 23. he said things that tickle my fancy like travel to his country and we travelling together and meet me irl and apart from that he really seem interested in getting to know me and showed that he cared and wasnt pervy at all. he made me trust him so much that even ghosting me i wouldnt think he would do or even hurt me but everything he said was put into trash when he disappeared on me a week before christmas a
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