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  1. Hi Dias, yes he has a master degree from a very reputable university in Italy, and his fluency in Spanish is mother tongue level. However I guess none of this really matters in the American market and I see your point. I will take what you said into consideration. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your replies and advice. I will clear a few things up. Back in Italy, he has worked in the international business field for 5 years dealing with customers from Asia to Australia and New Zealand, and prior to that, in England for another year, so his English is fairly good and he is familiar with business English. I doubt he would be only qualified to work in an Italian restaurant in NYC. Secondly, I am a US citizen, so if we get married, he will receive his resident paperwork soon. As for financial ability, I have house that I put on lease in Seattle, which already covers the ren
  3. Long story short: We have been together for two years and a half. I met him when I moved to Bologna, Italy from Seattle. First year in Bologna, second year in Milan since the art school in Bologna never picked up my call (it's normal there). I chose Milan to stay closer to him instead of New York. He has never talked about moving to Milan when I was there, and 1.5 years later, my residential permit was expired, he didn't want to help me and go with the idea of marriage, so I left. Before my departure, he made a promise that he would find a way to move to the States to be with me since he reali
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