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  1. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly 4 years. We have a son together and are saving for a house. We’re also happy in our relationship. Seven months ago we bought an engagement ring (I picked it out). It’s been sitting in his drawer since then. We’ve talked about the proposal and the only thing I’ve told him is I want it to be private. Well, yesterday he attempted to propose. He put no thought into it. His family is visiting from out of town and thought he’d use them as a sitter for our son. He took me for a walk on the bay. You couldn’t see the water and stopped me beside a huge drainage ditch. He asked me if he could ask me a question and I responded with not today. I feel like I deserve something with a little thought. I also thought if he has been saving it for that long that he would make it special. I don’t expect something grand but something better than that. Just wondering someone else’s thoughts.
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