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  1. So there’s this girl from my job who I’ve always found attractive. I began to hear talk from other co workers that she thinks I’m really cute and attractive. So I got her number and we started going on dates. The dates were great and she would blow off anything to make time for me. On our 4th date we had sex at my place. After that I made the mistake of waiting a little too long to set another date. (A week) and, as my coworkers say, “that probably gave her the impression that You only wanted to have sex with her ” which I understand, and I can see that. But now when I try to ask her out, she either dodges the subject or doesn’t respond when I say we should do something. I waited another week after these pass rejections. And I asked her out AGAIN (I know, big mistake). But she pulled the “I told my friends I’d hang with them today” so now, I know she’s losing hella interest and I know that was her kindly rejecting me. I told her okay and to let me know when her schedule clears up, and I left it at that. But what do I do from this point on? I see her frequently at work, how do I act around her, how should I interact with her? Should I still say our little inside jokes when around her? Do I be friendly? Ignore her? Etc. thank you for the help.
  2. This is what I thinking. I think I will do that. I strictly use the phone for setting dates. I don’t want to be her male girlfriend talking on the phone. Thank you for your reply.
  3. So there’s this girl I’ve been dating from my job. She started about a year ago and I always found her attractive. I’ve been hearing from co workers that she thinks I’m cute and finds me very attractive. I acted on that right away and asked her for her number. First date went well and I then set a second date a week later, on the second date, we went out for dinner and drove in to the middle of no where in my truck, laid on the back bed and stargazed and talked. I then made a move that night and we started making out. 2 weeks after I ask her to come over to my place to have some drinks. I will add she’s the easiest girl I have ever set dates with, never an issue. She came over, we hung out, drank and had amazing sex. Two weeks after that, I tried asking/suggesting we hang out a couple times (hangout as in go out, no Netflix and chill at my house again) , but now she either ignores or changes the subject. But she is still super cool towards me at work and still talks to me via phone. Was she just looking for a one time thing? How should I handle this? Am I over pursuing? Should I walk away? I really like this girl. Anything would help.
  4. Okay, so my ex girlfriend ( we’re both 21) and I broken up late 2017. 2 weeks after she started dating someone else and is still with that person I believe; and ever since that break up, we haven’t talked at all to this day. But also since that break up, her family has been contacting me frequently. Granted, her family liked me very much and I too felt the same way towards them, they’re generally great people. But I’m not sure why they decided to be this way after the break up. Her cousin contacts me the most, he’ll mostly talk about video games -- he’s a cool guy, he’s a little younger. Her other family members mostly just comment on my post on Instagram and Facebook and they’ll message me occasionally. And what really got me to ask this question is when her grandmother, who I saw like twice during our 2 year relationship, added me on social media. Like idk I feel a granddaughters ex should be completely irrelevant to a grandmother especially when they’re dating someone new. Why would they be doing this?.. I almost never reach out to them at all for reasons of not being reminded of my ex. Like I appreciate the support they give and nice comments but I kinda don’t want to be constantly reminded about my ex you know? Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks.
  5. My ex of 2 years and I had a rough break up, or at least I did. Long story short, she basically left me for someone else. She didn’t say it directly, but she got with that person a week or two afte the break up, so I’d say she left me for someone else. It was someone who she’s dated before me but broke up because he had left her for his ex in the past, funny... anyways, on the day of the break up, I knew she had been talking to him and I told her that if she does this (leaves me to get with him) that I’m not taking her back. At first she was like fine whatever, but then the next day she called me crying saying it was temporary, meaning she wanted to mess around with him and have me waiting on her, that. So I told her again, I’m not taking you back if you pull through with this, I’m not going to wait for you while you around with someone else. She continued crying and accepted it. Haven’t talked at all since (8 months ago) BUT in those 8 months, she’s been checking my Instagram when she’s not even following me and watching all my stories. At first I understood cause the break up was fresh and she probably wasn’t over me yet, but 8+ months later??? And she’s still with this guy too. Why would she be doing this? Is she afraid to talk to me or something or afraid that I’ll ignore her?? Should I block her? Idk what do you guys think?
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