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  1. Nope, I haven't posted on here. I have posted it on Facebook.
  2. 2 years and 9 months. Roughly 3 years, they broke up 4 years ago.. But when me and him got together he was speaking to his ex. It didn't work out well, because his family did not approve of her
  3. What makes you say that? He has blocked her and hasn't responded to her..
  4. I didn't tell him to change it, I was lying and I also lied about the fact I've met his family etc.. I don't understand the need to tell her that we're getting married etc.. Last year: My boyfriends family never liked her, his cousin kept liking her posts and commenting on Facebook/Instagram. She confronted and blocked them, his sister was upset so she unfriended her. My boyfriend broke up with me a month later, stopped posting pictures of us and when she spoke to him he posted a picture of us. She said he always changes his profile picture when she speaks. She said he's been stalking her family members, he blocked her Mum. What pisses me off is, why hasn't he directly told her to piss off and deny the fact he's trying to make her jealous? All he does block and it continues. She said she refrained herself from messaging me because she thought I would not believe her.
  5. What makes you say that? He has blocked her and hasn't responded to her..
  6. I didn't tell him to change it, I was lying and I also lied about the fact I've met his family etc..
  7. I’m not sure if my boyfriend or trying to make his ex jealous. His ex said he’s been stalking her social media profile and family members. She posted a quote on Instagram, he responded with changing his profile picture and she messaged him to tell him to stop trying to make her jealous. Then, he told me to put my profile public for her to see after private. His ex said that her Mum hates him to him and his ex blocked him off her Mums account. Then, her Mum unblocked him and he blocked her back. How did he know she unblocked him? His family never liked the ex, why did his cousin like all her posts and comment? He used to crop me out of his photos then posted us together. She messaged me ok fine, but why did my boyfriend have to change his profile picture and delete 6 posts so quickly? I spoke to his ex yesterday, my boyfriend told me to tell her that we’re planning to get married and we’ve met each other’s families. I said this to her: “I'm sorry if this is hard for you to hear... but we have been together for 3 years, have met each others families and are planning to get married. She confronted them and blocked them, his sister was offended so she unfriended her. I trust him with my life and I know he would never engage with other girls, exes or no exes. Everytime he has changed his profile pics it is because I have told him to (including last night), it's not to make you jealous. I think you need to move on from him and your relationship and look to date somebody new as this will make you happier.” She said “Congratulations! 😊 and that she’s in a relationship anyway and that he’s been stalking her family and social media profiles”. We’ve both blocked her now, but I didn’t feel it was necessary to tell her our relarionship stage and what we’re planning to do. What’s it got to do with her and why doesn’t he tell her off directly? Do you think he’s trying to make her jealous and rub it in her face?
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