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  1. Also... Im around your age and people in that age group will literally have full on relationships without having the formal boyfriend/girlfriend "what are we" talk. People will literally have a sexual relationship or have children in a relationship that was never formally confirmed by both parties and once things go south there's always someone that crosses basic monogamous boundaries and using the fact that they weren't official as their excuse
  2. Be straight up and ask. Your age range is a little too neutral...You guys are both at an age where things could be SUPER casual or SUPER serious with a potential future. He could be enjoying his 20s/he could just be enjoying your company or he could super serious. (If a long term partner is what you're looking for) Asking will keep you from wasting your time and feelings.
  3. 1. He is ashamed for people to know I was married? - He's most likely ashamed that you're publicly displaying THE PERSON you married. You're allowed to have a past but that doesn't mean everyone visiting your page has to see it. 2. If you would take the photos down based on his request? - Yes. Because its reasonable and there's no logical explanation as to why you need to keep them in a public place like that. You could simply private them on social media (so you're the only one that can see them) and go on with life. 3. If you think taking pics down is a slippery slope a
  4. People will say keeping photos isn't a big deal BUT it is a big deal. His family and friends will be able to see that you have WEDDING photos up and itll leave room for them to make assumptions and YOU and the relationship. It's not bad to keep memories and photos of your past but in respect for your new man and your exs future partners, you should delete the photos. Or AT LEAST remove the tags or "private them" so you're the only person to see them. Your social media should be tailored to CURRENT life. Your ex is no longer part of your story so there's no logical exp
  5. Two things that put pressure on relationships: family and social media. You're thinking too much...I rarely used to post my old partner on social media (if I did it was always him looking away from the camera or something) and I called him "friend" to my family. Why? Because I didn't feel like discussing my personal life or updating social media about my personal life. Some people ACTUALLY enjoy private relationships...I found it uncomfortable when I had to talk about my ex boyfriend with family and I didn't want my extended family on Facebook prying into my relationship. I didn't
  6. In the future avoid ex conversations and you'll avoid the ex jealousy as well. There is no need to give him names and show him pictures. I think we all talk about ex's when we meet someone knew but most people have limits: - they don't talk about their intimate life with their ex unless its for health reasons. - they talk about how frequent he talks to his ex (if theyre still friends) - they don't show pictures and they don't give names - they vaguely discuss the REASON they broke up (in case there's some healing or grace that needs to be given in the new relationsh
  7. I just want to put it out there that I would be absolutely gutted if I lost her. I want her to like me and I want her in my life. Our relationship is only extremes. We're either getting along or fighting. In order to have a close relationship with her I'll have to take the emotional blows when we fight also. I can laugh and enjoy her company but theres still a risk that she could say something hurtful to me
  8. I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread. Apologies
  9. Theyre only suggesting reconciliation but theyre not realizing that she's not self aware enough to see any wrongdoing on her part. Because I have limited relationships my therapist is trying to get me to heal and keep as many relationships as possible.
  10. I love her and I feel bad that I want to keep her at a distance but living the rest of my life (or the rest of her life) dealing with this makes me feel like I'm in hell. I just want a beautiful family of my own. I want to be happy and secure in my relationships with those close to me. I want to be treated like a human being. I want to feel seen and heard whenever I'm struggling and I have so much love to give. Keeping her in my life (as close as she is now) feels like an emotional burden. It feels like I'll be 40 years old and still a slave to the way she treats me and the sadness it br
  11. I think I need to cut my mom out of my life but I feel guilty about it. She is not kind to me and she's always been hot and cold. I was the child that frequently got the wrath from her unstable emotions. We had a conversation last night about our relationship and I shared how I felt (that I felt isolated and unloved during my childhood) and she refuses to validate my emotions and accept them but she's also refusing to correct me and prove me wrong, she then flipped it on me saying if I wasn't such a bad teenager I wouldn't of been abused or picked on by her. The thing is, I wasn't
  12. Well... if you guys are meant to be you'll reconcile regardless how long you've been in NC. You should move on/live your life assuming it's actually over until proven otherwise. I had a similar situation and it ended up giving me more pain because the first few months after the breakup I was waiting by the phone hoping he'd return. (And he did) but the whole vibe was off.
  13. I wouldn't even tell them I found it or that it was sent to me. Why embarrass them? If they get exposed further let them take the loss privately. You dont need to embarrass them further by communicating you've watched it. If you make a big deal about it and they confront the person it'll just start a whole war. The person sending it is just being malicious for their own pleasure and if you don't react they'll eventually get bored and leave you guys alone. Some people actually enjoy the idea of voyeurism and although they posted publicly its probably a part of their sex life they p
  14. Block it and move on with your life. Its not your job to keep up with what's happening in the bedroom of two consenting adults. Your parents are clearly smart enough to understand the risks of participating in stuff like that so whatever happens (this person sending it around) is on them. Chances are its some loser sitting in their basement sending it around. Chances are your parents don't even get enough views for it to even impact their actual lives, theyre literally a pair of amatuer genitals in a whole ocean of online porngraphic content. No one cares about their identities.
  15. Everyone answering seems to be older... as someone younger I'm 90% sure its spam lmao. Spammers try to create situations that would lead someone to click those links. Most of the time it's their attempt to get your financial information (expect if you've ordered stuff online via mobile device) or they try to get your email address and location so they can sell that information to random advertisers. Not real and your parents most likely DONT have any tape floating around online lmao. If they did (and they were traceable) you'd get more than one person messaging you about it 😂 and theyd m
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