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  1. Ya. Sometimes I wish she'd get a 3rd DUI or something. Her parents wont try to force her, they say have her choose on her own. Idk. She knows she has a big problem but she keeps coming up with excuses not to go to a professional, even though I told her about my best friend's wife's story of getting help.
  2. I lived with her for 6-7 months, I love her (the good her) and I know she has a lot of potential, it's hard having feelings for her, it's confusing, but they're there. I guess she is attracted to the fact that I'm there for her, but also she could get a new guy in a heartbeat to swoon after her. I think she is confused and wonders if she's codependent for me, I think she is somewhat, but I also think she loves me. She's just in a drunken, self loathing, ex fantasy daze/stupor I feel like.
  3. True. Just seems like her long term goal is getting him. She's been trying to get over him for a year. I just think that if/when she gets with him in a commitment she's going to be somewhat regretful eventually. Her two loves are art and horses. He could care less about horses and I just assume everyone loves art. That and he's so busy with work that they can only see eachother maybe once a week and he's in no rush to jump into things with her. So it's like, what, see eachother once a week until you can move in together? She'll be living in a dense city because of his profession while I'm goin
  4. Ya, sometimes I wonder if it's only surface (being hot and great sex). Idk, I've always gotten bored with fwb things and it just seems like it's more than that. Like I want to have a ranch with her and ride horses together and garden and all these things her ex isn't interested in, and it seems like her long term goals better align with me than him so it's like what the hell? She admitted to me last night that she is working on being alone, that she wants to love me for me and not for comfort of being with me or for how loved and appreciated I make her feel.
  5. I met this woman on Tinder. We rushed into things very quickly in a few ways ;). I basically started living at her place right off the bat. After like 5 days she said she loved me while she was drunk. I responded I like her a lot too. She made me amazing food, we had really fun sex where we experimented with things we both are into but haven't done much, adventured in nature, everything in dating. However, there were red flags. She has this crazy ex who she has his dog. He guilt trips her about the dog and threatens to take the dog. She wants the dog as a companion to her dog. They were togeth
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