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  1. Lol you really have it out for me don't you? K
  2. I'm broke and I do not have insurance so therapy or hiring a life coach is not an option for me. Also their judgmental mindsets toward me really wind up bothering me and tend to be more critical than constructive. They say they're not I don't believe it for a second. Also, the search for a therapist I'd actually like or get along with is tedious. I'm over my childhood and my past and so done talking about it or thinking back to it. I've been finding round-about ways to do things to get results thanks to the world wide web. My biggest issue is when it comes to men, relationships, and now dat
  3. For me, I think happiness is being content with what you have and not stressing the things you can't control (like other people). Practicing gratitude. - At least you have 50/50 custody. some fathers don't even get that because the state takes the mother's accusations as truth and can only have supervised visits. Practicing acceptance. -You're not where you want to be but at least you're not where you were yesterday. Not everyday will be a good day and as long as you're trying to make a difference for yourself, what else matters? Happiness isn't a grocery list of materialism, places to
  4. "I'd love my girlfriend or (maybe) future wife to death and I am faithfully loyal, but at the same time, I like that excitement of something or someone new. I like new energy. I know, in the eyes of some people this makes me a horrible person. But I am who I am." - Anonymous Redditor You want to be with a guy like this? sounds like your husband.
  5. Get on you tube and look up a man named Tony Robbins. Watch every video. Watch them over and over again. Only you can stop this. Nobody else can. You're still young and so many opportunities at your doorstep. Focus on life, hobbies, what makes you happy. What do you like to do? Set goals for yourself. Failure is a given in life. Whenever you fail find the lessons you can get out of it instead of dwelling on how much you failed. You have to fail first to succeed.
  6. "As for me, I like her too but I don't like the idea of being in a relationship with someone that I haven't met IRL, and she lives in the opposite world as I do, so I just did nothing the entire 10 months but played 'games' with her, like giving the feelings of head over heels to each other, constantly giving out signs, smoke signals etc." There's always an ending to a game. someone is going to lose or you both do. Give it time. You live on opposite sides of the world and got smacked in the face with reality. It's okay to be sad. Just don't let it consume you. It wouldn't ever really
  7. You want no contact but you're hoping she will reach out? if she is as crazy as you say she is she probably will.
  8. Being appreciative or practicing gratitude goes a long way. Even if it is for the tiniest thing like taking out the garbage. It's not for your own gratification or expectation to receive it back. It's being selfless and considerate of the other person. The guy is at work all day getting a ton of crap from other people. If it's customer service, I totally empathise. The last thing I would want to do is go home to a complainantive wife when I've heard nothing but complaint all day. I know when I'm around someone who isn't appreciative or never happy with what they have is a person I rea
  9. "Are you serious! She is not his parent. He chose to move to this city for employment, it is not her job to thank him for taking out the damn garbage. Does he praise her in the raising of their child. No. He is hanging out with his buddies while she is struggling with a baby. She is also in a new city, and has no other social interaction, or freedom to party with her friends." No, that's not what I meant. It's her job to be supportive and appreciative that he's at least working even if he does dislike his job. The garbage thing was just an example to SHOW SOME MF'n love and appreciation to
  10. Well MissC that is why I came here. I'm not that impulsive.
  11. It could also be that she is scared of such a huge change. I've seriously had enough of these "poor family background psycho" girls....at least we're cute. Not all of them stay the same and it's not like we get to pick our families.
  12. I don't see how I'm undermining myself?
  13. Yep, seems to be my M.O. With these experiences though, I realized I'm not ready for anything and need to work on my confidence and saying "no" instead of being so darn easy going when it comes to a matter like dating. I learned a guy and a girl can not be friends when one is attracted to the other and feelings aren't mutual. I throw myself into it thinking I am ready. Then regret it. When I do get into a relationship, it is with the intention of it not ending until one of us die so there's a scary thought for you. I am 100% invested once a man has me locked down and it takes a LOT to gi
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