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  1. Hello everyone! I am 32 and going through a difficult time deciding my future. I have a major in electrical engineering and ever since I was in college I was involved with research. At first this wasn't really by choice, it was more by opportunity. But I ended up enjoying it very much. During these first research years I got involved in a field that is more applied mathematics to energy systems than actual engineering. To my surprise, I discovered that I enjoyed mathematics more than physics/engineering. So I thought that it would be a good career choice for me to work with applied
  2. About the sex thing, what I meant was that as I started to like her, I started to let go of the belief that we should have sex right away. I take full responsibility for keeping on dating her despite the desire to have sex right away. I did bring it up because it is important to me and I wanted to know how she felt about it but accepted that she likes to take her time. Living in a very open minded town in which it is not hard to have sex after having just met, it was difficult because I did get the feeling that she might have been messing with me because that has happened before to me. I belie
  3. Again, there was a LOT of physicality, intense kissing, grabbing each other... so nothing more natural than to suggest sex. After all, that is usually up to men to do so. And is kind of hard to go out with someone, get highly physical and not have sex. It feels frustrating afterwards to me. So yeah, I agree that I could be communicating that I definitely wanted sex. But I didn't mean to act as in "okay, I don't mind if we don't have sex", I meant as in "Okay, this is important to me but I respect your boundaries and your timing". So I wouldn't call it a "facade" because we were communicating.
  4. Well I did bring it up but as she said no I would act okay with it and walked her home or to a cab, depending on where the date was. Didn't try to bargain, play games or say things like "oh come on let's go to my place already".
  5. Hi everyone, So, I met this girl a couple of months ago at a friends party. We ended up kissing that night and exchanged numbers. So for the past months we went on dates and I had a great time with her, she is very interesting and beautiful. She acts a bit reserved but I am usually a reserved guy myself and I tend to prefer being with people that also are. Scheduling dates was easy, we would schedule a date and a place and we would be there without any kind of “confirmation” on the day. The only thing that was annoying me at the beginning was that she never agreed to sex. After three da
  6. Ok, let me write this now that I am more calm. As for the break up, we were fighting a lot for silly things, both were under a lot of pressure and started to bring that into the relationship. So we started to distance ourselves from each other and then she broke up with me. Now, when we first met we were taking this class together. We started talking, she showed interested, got my number from someone and started texting me but when I asked her out she wouldn't go for the date. I got frustrated and then found out she had a boyfriend so I just gave up, it just felt like she was playing ga
  7. Hello everyone, So, my ex and I were together for 2 years and broke up almost 2 years ago in, at the time, good terms. I was devastated for months after the break up. Saw her with someone new like 3 weeks after we split. Then she started a new serious relationship after a few months. At that time, she did text me a sometimes out of the blue just to ˜check how I was doing" and would disappear after. I began to change entirely how I felt about her, it seemed as if she was playing games. So eventually after a few months I was able to move on. Dated other women, almost got in a serious relatio
  8. Hello everyone, So, I have been under loads of pressure at work. After many restructurations in the company I have found myself working for people that have no idea what my job is about, but they desperate need the numbers. I work with forecast and I am constantly "wrong" about the future. The problem is that it is actually impossible to get it "right", there are a HUGE number of variables. My former boss in this very company (he left), people I worked with in other companies and acquaintances in the market know that a perfect forecast is impossible and we work with things like tendency. So
  9. I never stated that I would call her out. I just wanted to vent and check for others opinions. And I never really spent a lot of time texting her. As I stated, I texted her and after 2 messages I would ask her out and there you go. We went on dates, which is the whole purpose. It is just that she seemed to get cold after I declined her initation. Before she was blowing my phone up with invitations. And then she was the one who started texting again and not replying like 2 texts later. I wasn't trying to have a meaningful conversation, just leading to the point where I would ask her out aga
  10. I kinda of thought that there might be a red flag right there! I felt really weird and to be honest at the same time I kind of doubted that what was happening was indeed happening. I didn't give her any reasons for not being able to make it because after two dates I didn't think I had to. Just stated I couldn't and stated that I wanted to see her when she got back. I kind of felt like I could be an a-hole right here, but my gut says otherwise. But I have to say that I think that I might be overreacting as well. I agree with reinventmyself, she could just have understood that I was dialing
  11. Hello everyone, So, met this girl at a party and we exchanged numbers. We went on two dates in consecutive weeks. She was really into me, I was into her and we had a really great time. We hooked up. The day after our second date she sarted texting me saying she was at a very cool pub and was kind of hinting that I should come and see her. I already had plans that night with my friends and I was going to reply her that but before I even had the chance, she started to ask me to come with her on a weekend trip for a retreat. She had told me about this trip on our date but I felt it was too
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