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  1. Please dont feel like we are trying to put you down, we all want you to realize that the situation you're in right now, is just not healthy, for you nor for your kids. Your high tolerance in putting up with your husband is actually placing your kids in a sad depressed environment. It may be the only environment they know exists around family. Your husband is not changing, he might, one day... But not in the near future. He needs more work and you cant be there forever, he is not your project you need to work on. You need a responsible man, a real man.
  2. Its been nearly 3 months after the divorce. I had 2 years of hell prior to that day, ever since i confronted him & asked for a divorce. In that 2 years, i had a lot to handle. So when that day eventually came, i was relieved & i managed to gain my freedom which i had longed for... Even though the boat has stopped rocking now & im tasting that feeling of liberation, but at the back of my mind, i actually did went through hell where i had felt hopeless, useless & suicidal at one point. So im just thinking, is there a need for me to go see a therapist... i think im fine s
  3. Cant agree more, will make sure i get the support to lighten the weight. When we're too caught up in the situation, we forget take a step back & just breathe. Tq for the reminder @catfeeder
  4. Thank you @figureitout23 i really appreciate this
  5. This just made me smile [emoji4] thank you. [emoji3590]
  6. That is so true about the hoarding part, i just cant prove a point to my mum on how this hoarding behaviour is affecting her asthma. But still, i cant stop trying. Right now im in the process of child custody & next the support. Hope everything goes well. Appreciate that you took the time to read my previous post. Means a lot for someone that is adapting to changes [emoji4]
  7. It really was a roller coaster ride since i took up the courage to move out from my parents house & confronted my husband on his irresponsible behaviour. Well now, to be more specific, my ex-husband. I never felt so liberated, i was so trapped in the toxicity then, now im enjoying my freedom. Im staying in a new apartment with my 3 kids, i bought a new car to accommodate for the 4 of us. I can say that im mentally healthy now. I cant lie that its exhausting taking care of my kids all alone, but its just a relief that don't have to deal with the headache of being in a one-way relat
  8. Yeah, you can call it poetry or maybe you can say that i dont have enough words to convey what i have been through & its all jumbled up inside & thats how i summarize all of it..lol My parents didnt get involved bc i only told them the truth about his gambling addiction when i wanted to go file a divorce. And since we are in the midst of this marriage counselling which is taking forever, they dont want to stir up the situation hoping that our marriage can be saved, i guess. The thing is, after going through the repeated arguments & silent treatment (on me) , he still has the n
  9. Yeah im working & i have been saving money to settle off my car loan. But i think i have to put that on hold bc i think right now my priority is to move out asap. I couldnt do it earlier bc i think i was depressed & kept getting sick every month & i couldnt think clearly. On top of that, recently i had to cash out alot to fix the car. Basically, i was drained & exhausted that i cant barely think straight. Now, i am dedicated to move out. I have the feeling that my husband will not leave me & follow me move to the new house. Im dreading this moment... If it happens.
  10. You're right. At the moment im all out hunting a good home for us three. Eventhough im excited to have my own home bit its still nerve wracking bc i dont know if i can survive financially.
  11. I live with my mum & dad & 3 brothers I live in my parents house My mum is a hoarder My mum has an enormous negative energy My dad had accepted the hoarding behavior My dad takes care of the lawn The house looks like a storage room Boxes of old clothes Boxes of rubbish Dirty laundries Dirty pots & pans Leftovers foods Old furnitures New furniture Broken machines I try to clean up whenever i can I live in 1 bedroom with my husband & 2 daughters My kids do not have proper room My kids lack discipline I cant move out My husband is a addicted gambler He cant a
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