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  1. Yeah you're right. I'm actually hardly thinking about her anymore, and have found to enjoy my job more than I did. Plus I'm looking to get into a new hobby, maybe buy at dirt bike or quad
  2. I do really like cars but I don't know too much about the mechanical components, so I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to hold my own. I also do love gardening as I'm a landscape designer.
  3. Look, she definitely has some interest because she does follow up with the date to let you know she can't make it. She remembered your Saturday date, and even though she couldn't make it, she did acknowledge it rather than blowing off the idea completely. She seems really busy & stressed so give her a week or so & I bet if she is less stressed & busy she will reach out. If not, just move on.
  4. I'd be open to meeting new women, but I don't know how. I'm not big into the bar scene, and I've done the online thing and I'm not a big fan. It's hard to go out alone.
  5. I am working on my social anxiety as my therapist suggested trying new hobbies/activities and going on sites like meetup.com to get to know new people. The problem is I have zero desire to meet new people. I really don't like being around guys my age, and the only women I am interested in interacting with are those who could be a potential life partner. I don't like just socializing for the hell of it, or dating for "fun". I don't know if it's a mental issue or personal preference but that's how I feel.
  6. I'm going to try. I know I have issues to work out. Problem is I only see my therapist once a week, so once I leave her I feel good but within a couple days I feel lost and back to square one again.
  7. You could cling onto false hope like me and go absolutely nowhere. I give you credit for your mindset. I still sit around waiting for her to change her mind even though I know she never will
  8. She gave me everything I waited my whole life for. She made me happy every second, she is beyond beautiful, & I really saw us being together forever. I have no friends because I suffer severe social anxiety
  9. I already was sloppy seconds to begin with
  10. I understand man, I wish I was as strong as you to be able to do that.
  11. Meaning if she could be with me in bed & then go run off with another guy, why can't I be the one she is running off to be with after her being with another guy. In other words, she leaves who ever she might be with and want to commit to me.
  12. NC is where I'm at now. We haven't talked since yesterday. We were no contact all week last week, yet when she finally contacted me it didn't seem like she missed me. Is your goal at the end of NC for your ex to come running back because she realized it was a mistake letting you go or are you just looking to forget her & move on?
  13. I just truly believe if I saw her in person, she would change her mind. She admitted to not being over me a couple weeks ago. She just can't see the new me & that I've made changes. Thats why I need to see her.
  14. Of course not. But after our breakup I was in bed with her one night & at the end of the week she was planning a long term relationship with someone else. Why can't I be on the other side of things?
  15. Very bad social anxiety. I have trouble connecting with people my age, particularly guys. Of my two "friends" other than my ex, they are both females and only talk to me when convenient to them. One I haven't heard from in months, and the other ignored my text the other night after saying she wanted to hang out with me.
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