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  1. My very close female friend moved to another country about a month ago. She also happens to be my ex, and our friendship only rekindled weeks before she moved away. Of course, that friendship wasn't quite normal, as we immediately became very flirtatious and almost hooked up a few times. As soon as she moved I became aware of feelings I had for her, but knew it would never work out as she we don't have the funds to see each other for a long while. Being a close friend, she kept in touch by calling often. I knew that in order for me to get over her I needed to distance myself, but it pr
  2. Some background- this was a very toxic girl who spent our entire time together trying to put me down. While we were together she started to get closer to my friends, and I thought it was a good thing as they could get to know each other. However she began to say things like; "I hung out with Adam today, without you. It was fun I really like him. We have this inside joke, and you're not part of it." At the time I didn't mind it, and honestly this wasn't a weird way for this specific girl to act. We've been broken up for about 2 months now, and since then she has become even closer to my f
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