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  1. So I guess I'll just tell my boyfriend I'm a hopeless idiot and let him leave me for that instead. Though the story is not completely like you make it sound and I hardly drank. I'll cut out the so-called friend and the idea of ever expecting any man to meet me and behave as just a friend again, but I'll still feel entirely horrible for such an awful error.
  2. I did ask him more than once not to and also told him I was seeing someone.
  3. We don't always keep such close tabs on each other. It was a last minute plan that I didn't have a good chance to bring up, but no I definitely wasn't hoping for any spark. I'm a really lonely person with no close friends to do things with, so I guess that was also some part of the motivation.
  4. I gave him a ride so that he wouldn't have to call a taxi. Yes, I feel terrible and like a moron, and I want to exercise better judgment. I'm concerned that I didn't know what to do in that situation. In my past I have had other bad experiences where things happened to me and didn't know how to avoid it or assert myself.
  5. I love my boyfriend immensely and couldn't bear to lose him. I want to marry him if he would ever have me. I believe he would leave me over this, and want to know if I should tell him. There is a long distance friend I met online over a decade ago who was in town on a layover. Not a good friend but I wanted the chance to finally meet him in person and went to meet him at a bar as friends, not at all expecting how he would act. He was hitting on everyone, and in the car with me he hit on me. He invaded my space and gave me unwelcome kisses without my consent until I was finally able to get him to leave. I hate thinking about it and never want to let anything like this happen again. I can't stand that I was stupid enough to go there and to misjudge the situation and not leave the bar as soon as things got weird. I feel like such a disgusting idiot. What do I do or say?
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