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  1. Hi everyone, I’ll try and keep this quick. I’m hoping if you can tell me if my boyfriend is being unfair to this situation. My boyfriend and I have technically been together 8 months. However, after these 8 months we broke up due to trust issues, and got back together after one and a half months apart. These issues have now been resolved and things are going great. However we’ve only been back together two weeks, so I don’t want to start a serious talk or bad argument about this. I’m just looking for some advice. This morning, my boyfriend was over at my house before he went to work. My mums boyfriend was over, who was going outside for a cigarette. I told him I would join him, NOT because I smoke, but to just tell him something in private quickly. I apologised to my boyfriend for leaving him inside when I came back after 5 minutes, he was watching tv, with a panicked look on his face. Before I said anything he said, “You don’t smoke. Right?” I decided to not elaborate on this subject and I thought I could make a joke out of it, which I see now was mean, however we are like this too eachother with a lot of things. I responded with, “Oh, I don’t?” With a wink. This is the conversation basically after that. Him: My heart is literally racing. Tell me you don’t smoke. I’m not going to be one bit happy if I find out now that you do. Me: God, why would it actually matter anyway? Him: You know I hate it, and you know I can’t be around it. It sets my asthma off, I can’t stand the smell of it. You know how bad my chest is. (I really didn’t want to say that his Mum and sister smoke at this point in then argument, he’s very protective of giant family and I think it would of made him more mad.) Me: Yeah I know. It’s not like I’d do it near you. So what’s the big deal? Him: I can smell it of people! My chest is too sensitive to it I wouldn’t even be able to kiss you. Me: So you’d leave me if I smoked. Him: Considering how bad you know my chest is, yeah I would. Me: Oh wow, okay. Well I don’t anyway. Him: Good. I’ll text you after work. He then leaves. What I’m most upset about is how he could so easily say he wouldn’t leave me. No hesitation, no trying to help me quit. He’d just go. Is he in the rights, or am I? I really don’t know what’s to say to him when he finishes work. I really do love him, and I don’t want to lose him by starting an argument over this. Should I just forget the whole thing? Thank you, for any help.
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