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  1. So I did something for me today I bought a new car will a new used car a 2009 Toyota Prius if I stay at a steady 30 miles an hour in that car I can get 99 miles to the gallon
  2. First of all I wanted to thank you all for your condolences and your kindness as far as my therapist, she does help with my depression and I have been morning as best as I can at least as far as my goals I've already set two goals in mind one is to get a car that doesn't try to kill me there's a long story behind that one but my current one Lakes exhaust fumes into the cabin with me II goal is to become a manager at my job which I am very close to achieving even though I've only been there two months they are already talking about making me a manager I learned the job very quickly for my first time ever doing the job and it seems to be a good fit for me
  3. Well i do see a therapist for transitioning but i enjoy gaming and reading writing poetry and songs
  4. so 38 pansexual from Kentucky trans woman I have been single for 4 years now and it isn't getting any easier I've tried to find love I've tried to find a soulmate I know they're out there somewhere I can feel it in my heart I just don't know where on top of that I lost my dad February 4th he passed away so that just added to the current depression I'm in I work all the time just to keep my mind off of life in general.
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