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  1. Had a look at her profile and all I could see was public posts and everything else that I was able to see previously wasn't visible. Today she unfriended me completely on it.
  2. I think she added me to her restricted list on Facebook yesterday or today so I guess I can definitely write off ever hearing from her again.
  3. Wasn't really sure where to post this but thought I'd go for this forum as it felt a bit like a first date, I'm not really sure if I'm looking for advice or it's just me having general wonder about something and thought I'd see what other peoples opinions are as I am a bit of an over-analyser. Last week on Thursday I went to meet a former workmate who worked in the same office with for 3 months, we had always got on well and used to chat about things pretty easily, I found her attractive but knew she had a long term boyfriend so it was always just a minor crush. Anyway she had some of the
  4. Well I went to the game with her anyway on Saturday, had no expectation. She seemed really excited by it in the week and she went to the club shop on the Friday to buy herself the teams shirt and called me a few times on Saturday morning before we were due to meet to tell me how excited she was. The day itself was such good fun, she didn't stop smiling the entire time and seemed to really enjoy herself. We parted at 7pm as she had to go to dinner with her friends and I had to go to a friends engagement drinks. She then messaged me at 10pm asking if I was still out and wanted to join her an
  5. I went back to her and brushed off the dinner thing and just said we'll see how the week pans out in that respect and otherwise lets go to the game and that we'll have fun.
  6. Ugh she's messaged me a few times this evening asking how my days been and that type of thing. I haven't replied as she's clearly not interested but it's so confusing given her texts after the date last night.
  7. Hi There, I went on a first date with someone I met from Hinge last night, we had been messaging for around a month due to various plans not meaning we could get anything arranged until then. I was pretty nervous as I liked it and the month build up to the first date probably didn't help that, we didn't have too much to drink which is probably a good thing but also didn't allow me to come out out my shell enough. It probably led to me coming across as quite shy and overly respectful if you know what I mean - the people pleasing side of me came out and I know I didn't do enough to create a s
  8. Well I know it was stupid on my part. I just guess I didn't want her to think that I thought she was a 'total ****' as per her final message to me and that she could reach out to me if she wanted to at some point further down the line. One of my friends said that I need to stop over-empathising. I know it was needy, clingy, desperate, etc etc and reading it back now I am cringing. I guess I can't take it back now though.
  9. Well I sent her this from a spare work phone I have lying around as a text and left it at that, probably not the wisest move but I do wear my heart on my sleeve, am not a judgemental person and do want her to know that it did mean something to me at least: Hey, It's Rich messaging from a spare work phone, don't worry I wouldn't normally go to these kind of lengths to message someone after just one date, I just wanted to get a message through to you so that you would know that I would never think badly of you and I just hope you are ok. I completely understand your situation and I get
  10. Thanks all for the replies. Just to add some more info that I got from the date. She divorced a couple of years ago (she's 38 now so the same age as me). The ex-husband lives abroad. Perhaps she isn't fully over him and even though she thought she might have been emotionally available perhaps wasn't? When we spoke about our experiences with dating apps we both spoke about our bad experiences from them - ghosting, etc. She told me she had been seeing someone in the back end of last year but he ghosted her over Christmas and New Years which hurt her. I wonder if this guy might still
  11. I had what I thought was a great first date with someone on Sunday, we met at 3pm and ended up having a few drinks, decided to go to dinner and then she came back to mine. She said she had never felt that amount of chemistry with someone before and it was the best first date she'd ever been on. We had been chatting for around two weeks before getting around to arranging this date and she told me she had been seeing someone else after we'd slept together but I assumed it was along the lines of just maybe having been on a few dates as you do with dating apps. Got this message from her the nex
  12. Another query with the online stuff. I seem to get involved with emotionally unavailable women fairly regularly on there. I now think this recent thing with the girl who ended with me may have been emotionally unavailable without knowing it herself as I noticed over the weekend that she updated her 'looking for' section on Bumble to 'don't know', previously she hadn't filled that part in and I know she came out of a serious relationship at the beginning of last year. Plus obviously I had that thing with my ex last year who was on a massive rebound from her divorce. I know it's usually men w
  13. To be completely honest I know I wasn't my best and have been thinking a bit about it since. We'd had a few drinks and I was very nervous/anxious as I did really like her - I even mentioned it at the time and she told me not to worry as these things do sometimes take time. In the morning I was much better and she even made the comment 'you wasn't so nervous that time'. As a person I am extremely intimate and loving so we spent most of that morning cuddling which she seemed to enjoy and as she had a bad back I also gave her a massage which again she really liked but I guess it might not have b
  14. I do get that although she did have a valid reason for not staying over that time - she's part of a running club so had to be up at 8am on the morning after that Friday and she also has a dog at home so had to get back for him. When she did come over that evening I cooked her dinner we spent a fair chunk of the evening kissing on the sofa though. But yes, it does make sense, perhaps it was the sex.
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