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  1. Why would you say not to get involved with anyone in my work place?
  2. Blimey there was no threat there, never meant her any harm other than a friendly gift, yes I regret it now of course but cant turn clock back, no I won't be contacting her again. I feel like some kind of freak but it was done with genuine intention
  3. I personally wouldn't mind If someone sent a present to my work but we're all different
  4. Thank you mate, so good to hear your on the same page, I too thought it was over kill to react like this, I even put inside from a friend! I too was shocked at other responses on herebut I guess were all different with different ideas on life, ill defi leave it alone now althoughi did put alot of thought into the gift and was a little hurt.
  5. Didn't have her address so thought be nice supprise to send to work
  6. It was never meant as a romantic gesture just a friendly joke, I work for the same company just in a different building, we both knew where we stood re no relationship or sexual encounters, idont see what the big deal is
  7. I know that and don't have a problem that she doesn't want to date, I didn't either, but she could just have said dont contact me rather than randomly blocking me
  8. Not romantic but was flirting on both sides, just some led bottles and little things that we mentioned in conversation. I even put a note in saying from a friend
  9. I agree, just don't get it, could it be narcacism?
  10. It was a present, I really don't see the problem, we were getting on fine before that! I guess I'll just have to leave her be, just bothered me cause I thought it was a nice thing to do
  11. Yes we have met in the gym, known her over a year. I was just trying to be nice, obvs I regret sending to work as that's what pissed her off. No she's single
  12. Was her birthday thats all, just a nice few funny presents that were relevant to our conversations, nothing seedy
  13. Said she didn't want a relationship! Can u shed any light on my FB question pls
  14. No not dating just messaging, obvs it came out in conversation where she works
  15. We were never an item just flirty banter, but I stupidly sent her a present to work, was just as a friend and I said that in the note but said she wasn't happy and blocked me.
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