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  1. I keep going through phases of wanting him and not wanting him. Is this normal? My biggest issue is the thought that I might miss my chance at love if I don’t try with him. I know it sounds dramatic but I’m afraid I won’t find anyone compatible with me again.
  2. I’ve posted my troubles on here before, but I’ll restate my relationship history. My ex has dumped me twice now out of the blue and the last time was 2 months ago right after our 3 year anniversary. He still to this day states “I don’t know why I did it”. I am contemplating giving him one more chance, but he told me he wants to work it out with me while also seeing other people. He said his heart is with me but in his head we wants to make sure it’s the right thing by still talking to other girls. I feel betrayed for the third time and hurt. What should I do? Should I stay and try while also seeing other people or should I run for the hills as this is the second time he has dumped me. Thanks
  3. We’ve been in some contact and he came out and told me and now they’re on social media
  4. My ex and I have been split up for 3 months after our 3 year relationship. He dumped me out of the blue and wanted to get back together which I turned down. He has moved on and I don’t know how to handle seeing him with his new girl. It makes me insanely jealous even though I don’t want him back. What should I do?
  5. So my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me out of absolutely nowhere and told me he didn’t feel love for me anymore. We are both in college and are graduating in one year. He also told me he wanted to stay in our home town and he doesn’t want to hold me back from getting out of here. After this he blocked me on all social media and didn’t contact me for 3 weeks. I was very upset but I was starting to move on with my life and then poof he came back. He told me it was a mistake and that he would wait forever for me. I wasn’t convinced and I continued to let him cry to me for 2 months all while I was exploring other dating options. I was sure I didn’t want him back but one day I found out he had met someone new and instantly got jealous. I immediately told him I wanted to try our relationship again and he told me I was too late. He proceeded to tell me he would like to work it out with me but remain open to new people. I am hurt that he wanted me back so badly but now that he has met someone new he doesn’t. I am also confused because I feel like I only want him back out of jealousy, or did seeing him move on make me realize I wanted him? Should I move on or fight for what I want? Thanks
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