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  1. hey, thanks for your reply. Hm i dont know 100% if he is single but I have the impression the relationship with the mother of his child is quite some time ago. The thing is, I dont want to ask him out, as even asking him to join me in the pub seems to be too pushy. it's this silly push and pull game. I make a move, he withdraws. He comes closer, i get excited and make a move, he withdraws... I am gonna back off for now and see if he comes back. It is just really draining, getting all excited (i was 100% sure he liked me the last few times in the pub) and then he goes all awkward again an
  2. hey - thanks for your message. you have a point. i was thinking that too. Geez, I wish I could simply 'un-crush' - but it's not that easy and I see him every day at work... but you are right. I guess I'll back off. If he he is interested he has to make a move, i am done. thanks x
  3. Hi there everyone, i am new to this forum. Hope you're all well! Apologies in advance for a long incoherent ramble, but i am at my wit's end and would appreciate some advice! I have a problem with a work colleague I have a huge crush on and it's been bugging me for some time. I suffer from mild social anxiety but have much improved over the years and generally have no problems whatsoever talking to people, colleagues, strangers etc. I hate public speaking though and making phone calls. eek. But I think people would never guess I am shy at heart as i come across as funny and confident
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