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  1. How am I codependent? I’m the one who wants to be alone.
  2. I live in California. I take home in one week almost as much as he gets for the whole month.
  3. Sorry I didn’t even see this one, I’ve gotten quite a few responses. I don’t know anything alimony. I don’t have anything in my name. Might be smart to get an annulment now and use the excuse saying it’s for taxes or something so if it actually came to breaking up or him moving he wouldn’t be able to get any money.
  4. And his maturity and mine are nothing alike. I have ambitions, own a business have nice things. I didn’t go into this marriage thinking it would end up like this at all. I feel like he was misleading and naïve by saying he got a “full time job” I think he knows he was only needed for a few days but kinda manipulated me into thinking he’ll be the man of the house instead me being his mommy role. I would never admit that I’m lazy and fine living that way. I’d be embarrassed.
  5. I’d give him 30 days notice. And if he refuses to move then I will.
  6. You didn’t ruffle my feather at all! I really like that idea. I’d love to have separate bedrooms but 2 bedroom apartments are way out of our price range or else this probably wouldn’t be an issue. I just figured having him move out means no more married but i like that idea. I am not sure if he’s able to move back into his old place since they replaced him with a new roommate already, but maybe who knows I know that’s the only other place he could afford. I tried talking to him last night about how I’m not happy with the situation and he stared this crying feeling sorry for himself so I droppe
  7. I guess I just miss the way things were in the very beginning. Before I gave him a key. When he was proud and working around the property. Seemed like different guy then. Then again when he got the roofing job and I was actually getting some time to myself when he was at work, that would actually make me miss him. It felt nice. But this anxiety I have doesn’t seem worth it. I’m also worried about how he’ll react to an annulment. He’s very very weak and sensitive. He’d be the kind to have a mental break down and hurt himself. Or maybe even try to hurt me. Who knows! Not me because I married him
  8. I guess I was wearing rose colored glasses, idk. I have no idea what I was thinking! [emoji31]. I wish I could rewind time to when we were living apart. Although even then he hardly gave me my space. I’d get off work or be cooking dinner then I’d hear him unlocking the door. Hated it. Do you think it’s possible to still be together after moving him out and getting an annulment?
  9. How did you make the adjustment? We do not have a child, so that makes my decision a little less stressful because I don’t have to be worried about how it would effect a child. He uses the excuse that “this is how I was before we were married and you knew that” actually I didn’t because he was working when we got married and moved in. He says he’s happy sitting at home all day and he’s been doing it for 18 years since his disability started. I asked “doesn’t that make you feel lazy?” And things are different now that he’s a husband and not some single, stoner guy living with two other stoners
  10. I know why theirs issues and I know that was a big mistake getting married so soon. What could I do about it with out completely ending the relationship? I still see him as a boyfriend, not a husband. Probably because he behaves like a boy and not a man.
  11. Sad thing is, if I tell him he’s got to move out he doesn’t have anywhere to really go. They already replaced him next door so doubt he could move back there. And if I move out there’s not way he could afford the place or find someone to share a 1 bedroom apartment with.
  12. [emoji20] I agree. I would like to take a step back and go back to living apart and get an annulment. I want to go back to being boy friend and girl friend
  13. I’d like to get an annulment but still be together, take a big step back but not end it 100% because I do deeply care for him and enjoy him but not like this. Not as a live in stay at home husband.
  14. I don’t know. I’m trying to figure that out. I thought I was someone who’d never get married. But for some reason it felt like the right thing to do, for emotional security and safety. I want to go back to having our own place, maybe even get an annulment. But I know I don’t want to break up completely.
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