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  1. my brother is abusing his kids! and that's none of my business? are you kidding me. Get off this message board you idiot.
  2. well just an update...in the end i decided to go for a couple of reasons. To support my mother and to see if my brother and his wife are still the same despicable people. There wasn't any drama as i avoided them the entire time. I only spoke to my brother about his garden and that was it. But my wife and i did notice every time my wife was alone with the kids (who confide in her a lot) the step mother would hover around to make sure the kids weren't telling her anything. So all she could get out of them was their parents were yelling all the time. I have called social services before but they tell me because i don't witness anything then not much can be done. I am glad its over but still upset because those kids have such horrible parents who put on such a show for everyone. On social media they seem like the perfect happy family. But not many people know what is really going on. Sigh...
  3. So my brother is definitely not the nice person i grew up with. He has turned into a violent, abusive, hard drinking, angry person whom i want nothing to do with. He neglects and starves his kid, he condescends my parents, he blows up about the most trivial things. All he cares about is getting rich and ironically is in so much debt pretending to be rich. I just can't bring myself to sit in the same room as a child abuser (yes social services have already been to his house). But my parents keep pretending like nothing is wrong and tell me to do the same. As i get older i am making a point to eliminate the crappy people from my life. So why should he be an exception. I haven't spoken to him in a year and now i am 'obligated' to go to my mother's retirement/bday party with the whole family at his house! He will be there which is stressing me out for weeks now. His wife is racist towards my filipino wife and hates kids just as much as he does. I really despise these two and don't see why i have to make an appearance just to satisfy status quo. Please help
  4. weather, people seemed nicer, lifestyle, and (except Spain) commonwealth countries have equivalent health care and education systems
  5. Australia, England, Spain, New Zealand... to name a few
  6. hello everyone and thanks for reading....so I live with my wife of 5 years and 2yr old son in a house in a city with one million people. I moved here in the nineties with my family but have grown to despise so many things about this place. For example it is winter and cold 6 months a year, most people here value status and money instead of family and respect. The city is just suburbs and mini-malls. I have nothing in common with the people here. Mainly because i don't work in oil and gas or drink or watch hockey or go camping every weekend. Plus i drive around an old crappy car because I would rather save for retirement. This guy at the gas station was chirping me about why i don't fix up my car. Who cares! But i continue to keep my thoughts to myself and live day by day which is an increasing struggle. My wife is happy here and has a fantastic career plus all her family is close by. She is very family oriented. My son is already enrolled in a top school which is free and would cost thousands if we moved. And i don't want to deny him seeing his relatives just for my emotional crisis. Point being i feel stuck because i want to give them the opportunity at a full life. But i am completely miserable. I don't even leave the house unless we need to. I don't socialize with my friends. I know you can all say that i need to look at the good things...glass half full...etc. But almost every time I go into public i either get insulted, someone's dog lunges me or some a-hole driver rides my ass, or the cashier condescends me. The list is endless. I've resorted to avoiding people as much as possible. I was helping some woman lift heavy groceries into her car at Costco when she smiled and asked 'So who do you work for?" I mean, really! Should i tell me wife we must leave just to make me happy? That sounds too selfish to even consider. On occasion I've spoken to my wife about moving to another country but she dismisses it as a midlife crisis knee-jerk reaction on my part. She says I need to appreciate what we have, and i do. But i cannot make the misery of this place disappear with sheer gratitude. I know i know...first world problems. But any objective advice is appreciated. Cheers
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