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  1. Yeah as the others said pre-cum is filled with sperm. You can pregnant but it's only a small chance but still a significant chance. I know that because I heard it from my GP.
  2. I staying from next Thursday until the Sunday. I'm spending my whole Birthday with my boyfriend. We have plans to head off to the Cinema a couple of times and to go out for a meal. I asked if we could hang out with Luke or a couple of hours on the Saturday if it doesn't colide with us meeting my sister. Then when I asked he went a little cold on me and I could feel him getting annoyed. I understand he feels a little worried but should trust me. The thing is confronting him is hard without an argument at the endof it.
  3. Hey all, I have a long distance relationship with a boy my own age. I live about 300 miles from him, he's from London. He has a friend called Luke who I met first online and we chatted a lot of the time on MSN as friends although Luke fancied me a lot. I met Luke twice before meeting my boyfriend. Anyway on my third visit I met his friend (who is now my current boyfriend) who I hit it off with really well and we ended up going out. My partner knows his friend fancied me from the start. Since I've been going out with my other half he seems keen to keep me away from Luke and all his mates. I don't get why? Does he feel insecure? He keeps worrying about losing me although I have assured him countless times it wont happen. Anyway it's my 18th birthday next Friday so I'm going to visit my boyfriend and I was hoping to maybe hang out with Luke and the others since I never got that opportunity to last time. When I brought it up, he seemed to go quiet and cold on me. I had a bit of a falling out with Luke last weekend and I started calling him a jerk to Dan* and now that I've said I want to see him, he doesn't understand why when I was complaining about him a couple of days ago. I can understand him wanting to keep me to hiself on my birthday which is why I agreed to spend it alone with him, all I asked was, was if I could maybe meet up with Luke and he said "you was complaining about him a couple of days ago and now you want to hang out with him, I don't understand you". I have known Luke longer that Dan and although thats not the point, I would like to see him. He is just a mate. I don't know how to confront him about it without causing an argument. I just want to sometimes see Luke and his mates when I come for a visit. Am I being unreasonable here? If not, how can I resolve it without it becoming an argument? Lost here. Thanks for reading, -Miya-
  4. She took the morning after pill almost right away? Everything should be fine. It's 90% effective, or so I have read. It's most effective the sooner you take it. You did the right thing from the beginning by using protection. Here is the link which explains more aout th pill. Might but your mind at ease. link removed -Miya-
  5. Don't take this personal, but is that relevent? Only I feel to shy to talk about things like that.
  6. It's like an ache and every now and again I get a very sharp pain that lasts few seconds. I can sometimes feel something happening down there like something moving downwards if that makes sense? Just curious thats all. It's happened all weekend but no sign of a period yet so I was feeling a bit worried. -Miya-
  7. Well I was chatting to my other half on Saturday and he said Jo had, had a better week than normal. Then last night Jo came in absolutely hammered. I know Jo has had it rough lately but it's just going a bit far now. I have tried encouraging him the best I can, but if he wont take any notice I'm not sure what else I can do. I just find it hard to ignore this sort of situation while a friend goes out and drinks himself into a state of depression. I didn't mean to call him an idiot, I'm sorry for that. It's just he really upset me that he wouldn't take any notice of me even though he counts me as a close friend. I'll see how it goes. I just don't know what more I can do really. Thanks Annie, Avman! -Miya-
  8. Hey all, Erm I just noticed over this weekend that I have been experiencing lower stomach aches. It's not a severe pain but it's just an ache I usually feel before a period comes on. The thing is I'm not due on until the 4th, but because of these aches I'm expecting to come on soon. Is it natural to feel aches a week before you're due on? I feel a bit worried thats all. -Miya-
  9. Evening all or morning rather, Erm - I need some advice on how I can help my friend Jo*. He's just signed on MSN absolutely drunk beyond belief. He's the same age as me and everything but he lives about 300 miles away. I know since I've known Jo he's had feelings for me, I don't know about recently as in the past couple of months. Anyway he has been feeling depressed for a good few months about how lousy College is going, that his love life isn't going anyway great ad his parents are on his case about getting a job. I don't know what to do, he seems to think drinking is the solution but it's not! He only thinks it is because it's blocking out reality. I don't know how I can make him think positive about life. I have tried so hard to be there but he's just not listening to me now. He's going out tomorrow to watch the Arsenal final and drink some more. I have asked him as a friend to stop but he refuses point blank because "drink is the only thing making him happy". What should I do? I'm lost and it's going to play on my mind until I know he's alright. He's my boyfriends mate. My boyfriend said he was improving except he has the occasional mood swing at College. I have no idea what to suggest right now. Any help would be much appreciated! -Miya-
  10. Hello all! This is post isn't about me, I'm writing it for my friend. She's 16 years old and goes to my college. She's in a year below me. Anyway this girl Susie* told me on the phone she had sex last Thursday unprotected. However her boyfriend never 'comed' inside her. They were experminting and did it four times. Each time the boy pulled out before he comed, not because he was about to 'come' but just incase. Each time lasted about 3/4 minutes. Anyway she wanted to know if there was a chance she could be pregnant? I don't really know what advice to give her which is why I'm writing this post. Any help would be appreciated, Miya x
  11. Thanks everyone -hugs to all- Her name was Jess and she was a Heinze 57, it's a mixed breed as far as I'm aware. We had her for about a year at least but I wasn't able to keep the puppies beause 4 died of this illness (forgot he name) but it use to mainly affect puppies. I just miss teasing her. Every now and again bought her a Curly Wurly, these chocolate bars but they're a bit chewey. I use to tease her with them and preten to eat it myself and she use to fuss a round my dad so he'd make me give her it in th end. I also miss how she use to wonder off in a morning around the block when we unlocked in a morning. I just feel so guilty fo having her put down. I could see her trembling with fear when we arrived at the Vets so it made me feel really guilty. It's just the way she looked at me when I said goodybye as I left the room, I felt so heartless. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to eat though. I feel starving but I don't feel like eating. I managed to eat some lasagne though but it was a lot of effort to eat. Thanks for the poems. I saved them so I can go back to them. Thanks for the replies all, Miya x
  12. Hello all, I know this isn't the most suitable place for my topic but I just wanted to get what I was feeling off my chest. I'm just grieving over my dog at the moment. I had to have her out down about 4 hours ago due to her kidney failure. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to experience in my entire life. I never saw her die but my dad did. I said goodbye to her before and after though. What made it worse was she watched me walk out the Vets office and I literally broke down to my knees when the door closed. I only had her for a year because we took her in from the street. A week after we first got her she had a litter of six. The thing is she was a really old dog so she did well for age. I just feel crushed. I feel so heartless even though it was a case of being cruel to be kind. When I was younger it was obvious that I couldn't go in the Vets office when we took in an animal, so this was my first time. I fee devastated right now. I just wanted to get it off my chest because I feel weirded out right now. It's amazing the bond I had with her now I think about it. Thanks for reading, Miya x
  13. When I'm sressed I usually listen to a song where the lyrics are relivent to my feelings. Also I find doingthings like watching a DVD orgoing jogging helps because you're taking the focus off your stress. Miya x
  14. Hey all, I'm new to the whole relationship/dating thing. I love and trust my boyfriend very much and he loves and trusts me. We talk every single day on MSN, text, phone and we visit each other every other weekend. I'm going to seem him this Friday and returning to my home town on Sunday. The thing is, I don't like it when women talk to him or when his mates come oud with their girlfriends, I get this jealous feeling?? I don't know why though! It's like I'm pretty good friends with his guy mates, we chat on MSN but I feel so jealous when theres other women about, either with my boyfriend or my mates. I feel terrible and I don't know if it's a natural feeling. Can anyone else relate? Or tell me how I can make this feeling go away? I feel really bad. Miya x
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