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  1. Hello! I would really appreciate everyone’s opinion at the moment. I have been with my partner over a year now, I’m a quiet person who really enjoys to spend time in the countryside, Hiking, exploring.. Would never change that for Pubs or any party. My partner is quite similar, he had his fun when younger, but seems to enjoy our quiet weekends so far. I have had a few problems with 2 of his friends, when we got together.. His friend and Girlfriend made sure to arrange a dinner with my partners sister.. just to say that he found just a foreigner waitress.. And was getting her (me) to move in with him! That caused many problems at the time.. For a long time his sister has never trusted me. It started to get better only now.. After she had spent some time with us. After that, i have never trusted those people, they like to talk and judge people.. And i avoid that at all cost! They live just next door, and i have been invited several times to have girls night out in Leeds, i have refused it all.. As I suffer quite a lot with anxiety and avoid crowded places. I have suggested ist a night as Everyone together.. But she was not happy with it, she says i must enjoy nights out without my partner. I don’t understand why tho! My partner has asked if I would marry him.. i love him.. And i said yes! We agreed with a small ceremony.. But everything has gone out of control already! He transformed a small ceremony in a big expensive one.. which I don’t want to! His friend (our neighbors) has mentioned if i need his Citizenship, I felt that it was Very offensive, as I don’t even needa visa to live in UK! We went over to their house couple days ago and he started to talk about his speech on the wedding day.. It was terrible for me!! He started to mention how my partner used to Chase girls at the pub.. Past relationships details.. and all their drinking adventures! After that, i did mention to my partner that i have had enough from them... but he doesn’t seem to understand ! As he doesn’t understand about a simple wedding also! I feel trapped!! They want to go out this weekend and have been putting pressure on me for it, we already had plans to do one of the three peaks tho. And I really don’t feel like going to center and drink until late :( Am i not normal? I feel really bad.. As if i am stopping him from having fun!
  2. I think what it bothered me more.. Was the Viagra. He was hiding that over a year! I understand he can be ashamed from that subject.. But I really would like to understand if the problem might be on me.. or if i could do anything to help it! I have never been afraid of living by myself, i left my country more than 10 years ago.. And i have always been by myself. I do love him.. He is the first person i have been with! I stayed here for him! I don’t want his house.. But at the same time.. i would like a safe future as well! I’m helping him to pay for the mortgage! I gave my life savings towards our future! To start a saving account for us! And i have no guarantee at all from anything.. he had a relationship before, lasted 6 years! She left him.. And tried to take everything from him. I would understand if he tells me thaf he is afraid i would do the same! And i think we could reach a deal after that.. I could get my own place.. or we could stay together.. Married.. And helping each other..
  3. I did say that I wanted. But i have expressing that I’m not comfortable with how the wedding plans are going.. He have been hiding a few things from me also, things that i have just found out recently.. it’s hard to start a conversation with him.. As he gets upset and start saying that i have a very pessimistic way to think about the future!
  4. Hello everyone! I would really appreciate to have your advices, I don’t have many people I could talk to.. I think i would feel better to just say everything i have been keeping in my mind at the moment. I came to live in UK 2 years ago, i have met someone and i do think he is a good person, he treats me well.. He is kind.. But I’m not feeling complete, there is something missing.. I moved to his house a while ago, but i could never call this place Home, as it’s not mine.. And I don’t feel like it is.. Even tho i do everything around here, i cook.. i clean.. do shopping.. Laundy.. And work during the week. I help him to pay the mortgage and all the bills.. Recently he asked me to marry him, my only request was not having a wedding party.. As I don’t like it.. I’m a quiet person.. Would really appreciate a quiet celebration. Everything is going the opposite, we are spending more than I would like to! And I’m getting worried over everything! What if one day we separate? Where would i go? As i have nothing in my name.. i have no rights of anything! I have denied a job offer back home (Italy)! It was a very good offer, I would be able to move back home and buy my own house... My other worry has been about his best friend and partner, I don’t go along very well with them.. And i have never enjoyed parties! But they do.. And every weekend i have to refuse going to pubs and other parties with them.. i can feel my partner gets upset about it.. But i have never stopped him to go anywhere with them! My last and biggest worry is that i found out my partner uses Viagra to be with me.. he is only 30! I feel very insicure about everything, would be really happy to have advices from you all! Thank you!!
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