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  1. Thank you for ur reply i tried everything and learned about depression as much as i can he himself told me that he never wanted to hurt me but he is incapable of getting help and loads of things that suggest he doesn't he said he doesnt want to end relationship yet he still doesnt want to get help i told him how i feel about it but he again ignores what i say like what i wrote he literally contradicts everything he says once its i never wanted to hurt u then its im incabale of getting help my brain is kinza frozen i also dealt with alot of trust isses becouse his exs years ago cheated on him
  2. yes he lives with his family they know the problem but they cant do anything too and trust me they have tried many times i actually told him that his job is to get help and whether he will or not to not text me until he gets help because im unable to sacrifice my mental health which is bad at the moment.I honestly think he knew what he was doing all along becouse the reply i got seemed like as in i know i hope u find happiness so seems like he choose to stay that way . its kinda heartbreaking to be going through something like this especially when u tried everything and loved the person but i
  3. Hi guys sorry to bother but kinda need help at the moment, So we are together for over a year now at the start everything was good we got on well and we were super happy.I know he had depression problems in the past and kept that in mind.After few months his depression came back again but it got to the point where i feel helpless. He cant keep a job which i totally understand becouse of his depression but the problem i have he does not want to get help. I got him two jobs by myself made him cv becouse he asked me to once then he quit them all saying he cant do it.Which i took calmly caz
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