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  1. Thanks everyone God give me strengh to do what I need to do
  2. Yes i think we have some codependent issues going on. I cannot be his rescuer anymore though, I just can’t. Thankfully there is no drug and alcohol dependency attached to any of this, just jealousy and control. He will say yes babe you can go out and do something with your friends but then its like after I do the accusations come.
  3. As far as I know he isn’t, when he started doing all this to me I started digging deeper to see if maybe that was the case, I would check his phone, I had his facebook password and he diden’t know it, I never found anything, he never stays out late, comes home after work, prefers to do things with the family than friends, so its looking like he isn’t I guess.
  4. I am afraid of what its making me, because I dont’ cowar down to it I try to fight him back and I know one day either I will snap and kill him or he will hurt me, if it doenst’ stop, I just keep feeling like surely he can stop, surely he can learn to trust again, before I take his son halfway across the USA away from him, I know it will crush him. But its slowly killing me
  5. He does realize he needs help now, like I said we have been to therapy and now is going to move forward with a psychiatrist to figure out if maybe he needs medication for obsessive thoughts
  6. We have a psychiatrist appointment set up for him is it possible he has obsessive thoughts and needs to be on medication?
  7. Thank you, I guess I just keep holding on because we are kind of all he has you know? Both his parents are dead, his brother and sister dont’ help much and I know we mean a lot to him. He was in a relationship in the past where she cheated all the time, I’ve tried to understanding but he can simply not keep treating me like I’m her. I would feel horrible for leaving him here all alone but maybe thats part of how he has me trapped emotionally I guess.
  8. Hey everyone, I have been with my Fiancé for almost 2 years now, things happened very fast for us and we have a 6 month old baby boy who absolutely adores him. The problem is, he does not trust me and it hurts. I don’t have anything to hide I am not doing anything and he has access to anthing he wants, me computer, phone whatever. He has accused me of the maintenance man, says I’m looking at men when we are out and about, one time there was a food stain in my car and he said it was a sex stain, he checks the sheets for things, he had my phone hacked and paid somebody well obviously this per
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