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  1. well obviously... why do you think I'm on here asking for advice.
  2. Well, a good example is, he told me tonight how he thought I should have been doing more around the house 3 years ago when I was working part time(working full-time now as well as college) and he was working fulltime mainly because I still wanted him helping out if he was the one making messes. I just don't feel someone should be holding on to things from years ago and then bringing it up and turning it into a huge blowout when I ask him to simply shake out a rug.
  3. hello, I'm searching for advice on what to do about the communication issues my fiancée has. We have been together for about 5 years and he has always been unable to communicate to me in a healthy way about things I might do or not do that irritate or upset him. I just kind of let it be up until now but I can't let it go anymore. Since he doesn't tell me in the moment what he's mad about or whatever, he will just hold it in until I say something about him. Basically anytime I try to communicate with him he turns it into an argument about me and unloads 5 years worth of grievances. He says he n
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