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  1. Hey man, damn sorry to hear all this, you are a worthy person with alot to live for... I'm sorry to say but from how things sound she is looking too move on quite swiftly (which doesn't always work)... Her family and herself are not going to worry over you, here is where you will start learning to cope without her She is buying a 3 bedroom house on her own but cant pay the bills? Come on man.... Stop asking her to meet up for walks etc, she isn't interested man, she is on tinder, meeting up with friends etc, apartment water bill is high for no reason, signs that you must look at th
  2. Thank you all, it was a painful and difficult decision to cut her off but it has worked and yes I still think about her, I miss her but I accepted things.... Thank you all for the kind comments, just reading my old posts is soooooooo cringeworthy lol
  3. Thank you :-) was indeed tough but yes I got a wonderful life to live and once I found that some one again I will give her all the love she deserves :-)
  4. Yes lol reading my old posts brings back memories but that's in the past, I have cried enough over her, I feel good, there is a life for me to live, my daughter needs her father to guide her, to be there for her when she needs me, I'm grateful to have made a decision that, at the time was painful, but benefits me in the long run....
  5. Hi All, Haven't been on here in a good couple of years or months lol, man just reading my posts gives a smile lol to think how I was back then till now the present.. You probably thinking I regressed but no not anymore, I have worked through my issues, I forgave her after she apologized for her actions and I have accepted how things are now, trust me it wasn't easy on both parts... she seems to still reach out either to me of my family but we having none of it, in fact we are neutral and only speak when things are concerning our daughter... oddly enough she blamed me for shutting her out
  6. Haven't been here in a while, so today 31st May would have been my 5 year anniversary, still struggling a bit emotionally and mentally but its going much better than last year this time. Still think about her, still missing the life I created with her, built my world around her just to have it destroyed within months... My daughter seems to be doing okay, she got into a school for next year, I'm so proud of her, she knows her mom and dad were once a happily married couple, I always tell her you the only piece of your mom I have left that I can say I love you and I get love you too back,
  7. hey Miss Canuck, you are spot on, the betrayal still haunts me to this day :-( sometimes I feel its unfair how happy she is while I got tossed aside like an old newspaper but I also need to stop the victim mentality and toss those thoughts aside, I have been to therapy, it was good but I feel this is a battle I have to fight....
  8. 2 years ago my ex wife had an affair, few months later she fell pregnant, divorced me 2 months later and decided to start a life with her affair partner, not going into detail over this... Think im pulling away because I'm afraid to get hurt :-( I know there is no timeline to heal but I'm just a little frustrated that I'm missing out on life...
  9. no harm in crying, that's a healthy way of letting emotions out, I still shed a tear or 2 when i get down but it helps regain my composure so I can face the world again. It's not easy man, but keep it up
  10. Hey peeps, Hope everyone is well here, so i have been chatting to a few girls, going to pubs with friends, gyming 5 days a week which is going good but I still cant connect with female wherever I go :-( Man, women are always complimenting me on how good looking I am, how dedicated I am to keeping a healthy lifestyle, some even wanted a serious relationship lol but here's the thing, as soon as a woman gets close to me I pull away and shut myself off from her, and I had a few they could have me so happy, the one I really liked, who knows my back story, now has bf :-( we still friends but
  11. Hey man, what is concerning is that she is going away by herself for 3 days... in my personal opinion that is a red flag but I dont know you or your wife so give her the time to sort herself out however prepare yourself for negative outcome should that occur....
  12. ha ha ha sorry ladies and gentlemen, I actually found link in book mark tab while cleaning up my browser (getting rid of these how to win your ex back nonsense, signs she is cheating etc)... Appreciate the concern Figure it out :-), I have regressed a bit but I bounced back on my own, sorry for that :-( I'm off to a tavern with some work colleagues now :-)
  13. True that but that still doesn't give the person any reason to cheat and deceive their partner....
  14. Hi Peeps, Found something interesting on the net, not sure who the owner is but this can help those going through something similar.. all credits goes to the blogger... Affairs have a way of completely transforming someone you used to trust into individuals incapable of uttering a single syllable without lying. Wandering partners have absolutely no business holding a single shred of your trust for years after discovering an affair. Wandering partners lie, lie some more and continue to lie so they can have what they want from their affair partner. The person you have known in the w
  15. Thank you for the all the replies, I feel like I'm in a better space so far, but not at that point of being healed. Having limited contact with ex definitely helped, the house is gone so I dont have worry with those painful memories there. Think cutting ties with her family as well helped me alot since I dont have worry helping them out as always... Most of the people that knows us already know the full story so I cant help but smile and laugh at the lies she is telling people about me ha ha ha ha... Will keep everyone posted...
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