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  1. Oh Carrie I understand what you are going through somewhat. That pain numbing grief that just makes you feel like someone has pull the rug out from under you and you have fell flat and can't seem to get back up. If you can't seek couseling immediately how about a minister... You really need to talk with someone that is a neutral listener so you can just talk it all out and get some reassurance. The one thing I found when trying to recover after a loved one died is that no one can fix it but me. I had to take that step to my life better and talking with a minister was easiest for me. After a few sessions with him I starting feeling some hope in my life again. My hope for you is that you find your direction back to a better life soon.
  2. You have an extraordinary gift here to learn from your granny's confidence she has in her life. God bless you both.
  3. Your granny probably already knows and has her trust in God. That is where you can lay your trust and know that you will not be forsaken. Not in any others can you do that. She probably already knows that He will be the one holding on to her through this and will not let go of her. We only see the human side of everything and sometimes it is very painful. But God has a plan for your granny and it may have something to do with your relationship and dependence on others. Maybe your granny will be the one that shows you how to live a more joyful life through all of this. Maybe you should spend time talking with her as much as you possibly can. Unfortunately none of us live through this thing called life and some of us have lots of suffering in it. The secret to living a life full of joy is to love to the end of it even those who hurt you although you may have to love them from afar. I pray you and your granny spends some real quality time together and I thank God for giving you that blessing.
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