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  1. The more he sees you care, the less he is going to care about you. I know that sounds really backwards but that’s how it works. He has to see that he can’t always have u when he wants and that’ll make him straighten up a bit. he may never be emotionally available if u won’t show him u will walk away.
  2. Thanks everyone, this thread helped me a lot but I will be gettin some therapy ❤️
  3. Yes he told me he loved me, begged me to come back before, has even cried. He works with my ex so we kept us a secret to avoid drama because my ex was controlling and obsessive. I’ve spent time with his cousins and met his mother and sister. We spent holidays together but just the 2 of us. We spoke every day and seen each other 3 days a week, sometimes spent all day together watching movies and playing with my son. He was very attentive and loving with my son. Playing with him for hours even ignoring me sometimes. I’m just so heart broken I’ve allowed myself to dig deep into something going nowhere. I guess everything was just a way to get what he wanted off me, I feel so stupid and used like I’m not good enough. I really thought we’d end up together after 4yrs smh
  4. Because I feel suicidal over it
  5. Thank you guys for responding ❤️
  6. Yes I know it’s been a long time that’s why I thought he would at least feel something but I guess not. Saying he never loved me is so extreme, do u really think he would go that far?
  7. Yes we’ve said we loved each other here and there over the years but I guess now he is done using me and the truth is coming out or something
  8. Yes it was Fwb but silly me to think it would turn into more and yes your right ty
  9. I’m completely in love with this guy I’ve been intimate with for 4 years, we got into an argument and I asked him has he ever loved me and he said “no your just a friend I could never love a friend.” I don’t even know how to feel. I honestly want to die. I feel so ugly and used like a piece of trash he is just throwing away.
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