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  1. I need some advice as lately I feel like an emotional mess and really need to take a step back and figure out my life a little bit. I am 25 years old, female and I have been in quite a few relationships that repeat the exact same pattern. I meet a guy and even though I'm not that interested or attracted to him, I begin a relationship. I have been in a couple of these relationships and I am currently in one right now. I never feel properly "in love" with the guy I am with. It feels very hard to leave and end things as I don't want to hurt my partner who is already invested. Recently, some ev
  2. I started dating him four months ago and we made things official about a month ago. Everything was good, but from the beginning I wasn't really attracted to him. I've had attraction grow in the past for me and he is a really nice guy, so I waited it out and the attraction seemed to grow. Now a month into us being "official" I feel like I am deeply annoyed by everything he does lately. I have just been chalking it up to hormones and PMS but I'm afraid it's going beyond that. I feel annoyed by little things he does, things he says and how he looks some days. This leads to me calling him out for
  3. I guess I am feeling pretty depressed because it seems like all my friends are having children or in serious relationships. I am turning 25 in a month and it's like everyone is getting pregnant in the last while and they are all my age or a year older. I feel pretty depressed about it and how it will change my friendships and I know it's selfish. I just got out of a year long relationship and trying to date again. My best friend of many years is trying to get pregnant with a man she hardly knows, just because she s 26 and feels like she is running out of time. I am not sure if he knows she
  4. We have been trying to work something out, I will help her find someone new to replace me and I owe her my rent for July until then. She's very upset with me and I don't feel like there is any hope, even though I felt our friendship dying for some time now. She called me a selfish person for doing this. I have been struggling with feeling guilty about doing this to her. I feel like I am a terrible person to do this and I am being very selfish looking out for myself. How do I get over this guilt? I know doing this is the best thing for me, why do I feel so bad about doing what is best for m
  5. She does not plan to get another job right now and just use her savings, and the job isn't an easy replacement.
  6. I am thinking it would be best if she didn't live there and found something cheaper for herself. We could have someone take over the lease for the whole apartment, which is easier than finding a room mate. And she can find an apartment that is much cheaper just for herself so she can at least live off her savings a bit longer. I proposed that to her, but she doesn't want to move again.
  7. In what way do you think she was using me, just curious?
  8. The other problem is that I am tied into a lease (she quit her job RIGHT after I signed the lease). But it can be easily fixed by finding someone new to take it over. I feel so guilty as I have made her really upset. I know I shouldn't feel this guilty for looking out for myself and my best interests. She is very upset with me as she is already moved in and I feel extremely guilty for doing this to her, and for even getting myself into this situation in the first place
  9. She has savings from having sold her property a year ago but that won't last forever if she has no other income
  10. We decided 2 months ago to rent an apartment together. She JUST quit her job and us already moved in. I had no idea she was having problems at this job and I thought that she was happy. Because of her quitting, I have been having EXTREME cold feet. Like I am so torn between decisions. A major reason why I decided to move in with her, aside from wanting a larger place, was because this job was keeping her very stable and in line. We have been somewhat of a toxic influence on each other over the past 2 years we have known each other. Mostly by enabling each other to drink/party too much. Lately,
  11. My friend and I met exactly two years ago and we have been very close ever since. A big problem is that I was in the "partying stage" of my life when I met her (around 22 years old) and she has always had that life so we clicked and had a lot of fun together the past 2 years, but also a lot of toxic behaviours. Lately I have been feeling depressed or in some sort of shift where I don't enjoy certain things I use to, like partying. I don't know if I don't enjoy these things because of depression or if I am truly outgrowing these things. I think it is a bit of both, as I look back at some of
  12. Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any advice. I am in need of some unbiased advice/opinions on what I have been going through for the past few months: since this past March, I have felt like I gave been going through some sort of mental crisis, rut, and, at times some sort of mental shift. A bit about me: I am a 23 year old female. I work full time as a manager of a small coffeeshop full time. I have a couple close friendships and I have been with my boyfriend for a year. Since the new year began and as I am approaching 24, I am starting to question a lot of things and past ways o
  13. I am unable to move it up unfortunately! I would be giving a two week notice at my current job still since they're not closing until June.. so I might have it before the start date, but they would see on my license that, at the time of the initial application, I didn't have it.
  14. I got myself into a bit of a weird situation. The company I work for is closing soon so I am avidly seeking new employment. I applied for a job that requires I have a driver license, which I do, just the beginner one, not the level of license they are looking for. Before I applied for this job, I had my G2 (license in Canada where you're allowed to drive on your own - the test is a road test) booked for a few weeks from now. I currently have my G1 learner permit class. It must have listed this requirement somewhere in the job posting, but I missed it as I was really excited about meeting almos
  15. I work as a barista in a small coffee shop. I enjoy what I do, know most of my customers and they all tip very well. One of my regular male customers came in today and handed me an envelope with 100 dollars in it and insisted I keep it as a gift. I was hesitant at first. He told me that he had come into some money and wanted to do a nice gesture as I am always kind to him. He mentioned how he believes in karma and is doing this gesture expecting nothing in return. I was very reluctant, but I did end up accepting. I can't help but feel weird about accepting it for some reason. I have gotten
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