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  1. Yes, my father is very strict and he frowns upon this kind of thing, but I'm slowly coming out of my shell.
  2. I'm a very shy girl and I usually keep to myself. Anytime I get a boyfriend is when my sexual side starts coming out because I've never been the type of woman to go out and have sex or do one night stands. I hope this normal, but yet at the same time I feel shameful and I have no idea why. Anytime my boyfriend talks to me over the phone, I can't help but get sexually aroused and think of him. The moment I hear his voice I get aroused and I just recently discovered that I get aroused when he says, "Good Girl." This is something I'm now picking up and I know there's others who gets aroused by this too. It took a lot of courage for me to post this up because I usually keep things to myself, I just needed to get this off of my chest and hope that all of this is perfectly normal.
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