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  1. Hi, I’m new here, and in a very dark place. Just when my life was coming together in late 2015, it fell apart so badly that counselors I’ve seen are in shock and upset for me. I’m trying to put the pieces back together. One bad thing was that I had two dates with a guy in 2013, saw red flags and chose not to see him anymore. Well, two years ago, after I moved on, he filed a lawsuit against me for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Then he had two of his friends lie, guys I never even met, and they filed lawsuits too. So I’m on good stamps, can’t get a job because they keep telling prospective employers bad stuff about me, and I’m now fighting three lawsuits! No lawyer wants to help. I gave one my last $20,000 and the lawyer got all nasty with me, called me names, and said he’s on their side, then told them where I live. Now, before the lawsuits, police would help me, and I even got a full legal name change. But now police keep saying its civil, even with the one guy making death threats and that he threatened to make my life hell a few days before he and his friends filed lawsuits. The guy and his lawyers are vicious- the lawyers laughed at said no lawyer would help me because I’m scum and they told the one bad lawyer I had the same. I realized last night how much it has affected me. I was at an event for crime victims, and the lady from Legal Aid said that when I tell my story, I build their defense for them. I see that they have conditioned me to have low confidence. Then, this guy has caused me to investigates with a crime that the video proves I did not commit, and I have trial in a few weeks. Never even had detention in school, so this has destroyed my confidence too. The video only recently worked but the prosecutor won’t dismiss the case because he is mad that for two years I refused to plea guilty. So he said he is going to call people who hate me to testify against me. I like my lawyer for this case, and am hopeful the video will redeem me. With all of the bad above, I felt terrible about myself and took up with a very broken man. He is a narcissist, and I had a former friend who is a psychiatrist, who met him and confirmed to me that he is a narcissist. Anyway, I discarded the narcissist and let him have all of his “friends”, and he sent one to vandalize my house last Christmas. It’s on video but police won’t do anything. The narcissist stalks and harasses me, but never directly. He will prank me from spoofed numbers (perfect form of triangulation) and blocked me on Facebook on Valentines Day, but has all kinds of fake profiles he tries to get info with. He hacks my accounts and even has a motorized parachute and drone to stalk me- random people have confirmed it too. My house is very distinctive, and I was at the doctors, and the nurse told me she sees the parachute and drone always over my house. The gas station attendants even tell me the same thing. I haven’t spoken to the guy in months..., trying to wait til I’m free of the criminal case to go after him criminally. For months, I feel like I need to get rid of either the lawsuits or the ridiculous frivolous criminal case in order to move on. I feel stuck. How can I raise my confidence? I’m so disgusted with myself.
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