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  1. Yeah I’ve taken her out on a couple of dates. If I remember correct it is 4 dates already. I will not carry this discussion on. I know what to do and that is to wait for her to be 18 and then go out on more dates. If we both are interested she might be my girlfriend from february next year, but that is not to get all hopes up.
  2. Yes it is a issue with translation cause I speak Norwegian and not so good in English. What I mean is to have her as a girlfriend. but thanks for your advice I will take her on a proper date when she is 18
  3. Hey! It was long time ago, last time I had a girlfriend she broke up with me cause of me overthinking. BUT I had met a new girl who is 17, she will be 18 in 3 weeks. Most people give me hate cause I want to be with a girl who is 4 years younger, so please don't give me hate. All I want is some advice. She is eager to come home to me and watch movies. She even asked me about it 2 times. I'm aiming for sex. BUT before that I'm taking her to a event this saturday and I don't know if I should ask her this week or should I ask her the day she comes over? My opinion is that it's awkward if I ask her to be mine, then get rejected (The worst thing that could happend) and then we meet up again as "friends" at my house to watch movies. I think it's better to wait when she comes over or after that.
  4. I know right! I just saw it as just what a normal friend would do together.
  5. Danzee: The problem is that she is 17 and I’m 22.... but she will be 18 in three months. It’s akward dating a 17 year old girl
  6. Hey! So I have been seeing this girl named Kim after the other girl broke up with me. I met Kim first time last year because of my friend. We were playing basketball with my friend and her friends. It was like one day and then we never met after that so we just kept sending snaps to each other everday till now. Also one time she was calling me to bring her food and at that time I was home and she was with her friends in the city... I said no because I felt like I was being used as a «delivery guy» and she eventually agreed and said that she was sorry and it was mainly because she was lazy. We have been to carnival, hiking and hanging around in the neighbourhood. (just what normal friend would do) She recently asked me out to get a drink after she comes home from vacation.... could this be a date? She is mostly playful with me and I remember at the carnival she was throwing water at me. I do like this girl so should I ask her out?
  7. It does seems accurate. looking back as why she did sent me this text was because she could not deal with my anxiety but it was one more thing. She was using banter and escalating without me noticing it. I was being too serious when she used a banter and when I tried to use it back she didn't reply. It was too late hence why she said in the text that " We don't have the same humour" It's none of her fault, just all my fault. I'm still sad...
  8. Not just the anxiety part but I didn't get it when she was using banter and escalating. If I did understand it sooner and used banter or escalated back then the relationship might still be alive, but I just wish I could do that but using banter and escalating is just not my personality. I even searched on google, watched videos on youtube and practised with my friend to use it on her the next time we meet. It's all my fault and none of hers.. I'm still sad...
  9. I did ask her and she said it was because we don’t have the same humour/mood. Atleast she was honest. Sure everyone says that things will work... but I really liked her... even though we don’t have the same humour I felt like I could be myself and talk to her about everything...
  10. Hey! Just when I was about to go no contact... She just sent me this: «I feel like this isn’t working, you are a nice boy but I don’t think it will be something for us in the future.» I really feel tempted to ask what went wrong... should I? I want to thank everyone for their advice!
  11. I don’t think it’s strange. The gay couple was with her and no one else other than them. I think that she just wanted to hang out with her friends that day. can you give me more context? What do you mean by questioning if he is gay? He kissed Simon of course he is gay. Why do you think that there is something romantic going on? Yeah I also hope that it isn’t over
  12. While I’m waiting in two weeks I will not send her any text messages, no snaps even if we lose the streak, and no activity on Instagram. It will be a harsh time for me to let her go if she have lost the interest. Me being insecure and overthinking is the main reason the relationship might have ended. but It’s something that I hopefully would learn from. I hope that she accept when I ask her in two weeks. we’ll just have to wait and see
  13. Exactly what I've planned to do! Just gonna enjoy myself :)
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