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  1. For example, one partner likes to surf so the other acts as if they do to. Just generally appearing like the same person. To me, that’s the finest form of flattery however maybe it’s a sign of narcissism if anything?
  2. One particular cousin and I have always been close. We’ve always been very touchy, hugs etc. For example if we’re laying on the couch, we put our legs up on each other or even play “footsie” he’s in his early 30s and I’m 20s. We still do it. TLDR - it doesn’t feel weird, I’m happy with this close but curious about other peoples experiences/thoughts.
  3. So I've been in a relationship with this guy for about a month now. He's from a different country and finished his degree here. On his Linkedin, there's no work history since about 2013 which is a bit strange. I know some people do not always update it. When we first met, he said he has been trying to find a job that will sponsor him here as he's on a postgrad visa. He made one comment that he does consultancy work in the city. However, when I stay over which can be during the week or the weekend (we don't live together), he doesn't wake up and go to work. When it was his birthday recently, he
  4. Really appreciate this! Would you personally stick around? If so, would you bring it to his attention next time he does it or what do you suggest?
  5. I've been on a few dates with a guy from France. I'm aware of European culture, specifically French culture. Everything is good apart from the fact that I'm concerned about his views on women. Once we were watching a youtube video about silly things people have done and he said a few times "Wow " referring to a woman. That same night he was telling me a story about how some women look nice but once they open their mouth, they're not feminine. A few times he's talked about how the women here in the city I live in are trashy. Last night we were talking about the fact that he thought I was an air
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