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  1. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 1 year, before that we had been together for 6 years, broken up for about 9 months in between, when he decided I was too busy to give him what he needed and found someone else on a dating website. I feel like he cheated because he went out with her before he broke up with me, he disagrees. In any case, I decided to give it another try. Yesterday he responded to a comment a girl made on one of his Facebook posts with the following: “Do you have a little Irish in ya? If not… ya know.” He tells me he was just joking and I am being too sensitive, an
  2. I met my boyfriends friend for the first time last night. He refused to let me finish a sentence, said F*** you to me more times than I can count and kept looking at me and pushing his glasses up with his middle finger. He called me a when I waited to put a song in to karaoke until I was ready. When he asked me a question for the 100th time, then refused to let me answer, I shouted at him and left.(I know this wasn't the best choice, and gave him just what he wanted) My boyfriend followed. He told me he tried to talk to him when I went to the bathroom, but he said he didn't care. My boyfrien
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