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  1. Ok so I’m 17 and i been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about a year but within that year he broke up with me so he can have sexual relations with other girls and he cheated on me twice , the first time we didn’t break up because we wanted to work things out but then a month later i found out he was cheating again with a girl who i considered to be a friend after he cheated that time we broke up for about 2 or 3 weeks then we got back together but we broke up again because i found it hard for me to trust him during that time i started talking to a friend and me and the friend ended up having sexual relations but before we had sexual relations he told me how he liked me and had feelings for me , so we started talking but i was still communicating with my ex and he would try to get back together but I’ll tell that I’m not ready because i wanted to see where things would go with my friend but my friend ended up getting a job and barely talked to me i wouldn’t know how he feel about us i was already talk to me ex so me and him ended up getting back together i love him but i have feelings for my friend and i still think about him . I don’t know what to do ,i feel like such a bad person
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