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  1. I'm just wondering... if you were to break NC and wanted to get back together with your ex, what would your first message be?
  2. Thank you guys. These replies really helped. You are completely right. Nothing good comes from contacting him. Either way a long distance relationship wouldn't work. He is a mess and I am a mess. I lied before, I am really depressed actually (not mainly because of him but because of other things). I hurt myself sometimes and find it really hard to live in general. He knows that and two depressed people together is a bad idea. When I startet NC it was because I thought I could get him back. I thought he would miss me and regret. But life doesent work that way. I wish I was strong, I wis
  3. The thing is that I wouldnt know (if he is better). He told me before he broke up that he was going to talk to someone and start with antidepressants. I just want to ask him if he is okay, and kind of let him know that my door is open. And yes I know, but I am trying to get better, I feel much stronger now and are slowly recovering
  4. Hi! I could really need some advice right now... 40 days ago my ex boyfriend broke up with me due to depression. We we're only togheter for about 4 months and then he moved back to his country because of work. We had a long-distance relationship for 1 month. He got really depressed when he moved back: he wasn't happy with his job, appartment or anything. He said that he felt like S*** and didn't feel like himself. He broke up with me on a text. He told me that he couldn't give med the suport I needed (I was depressed too). He also had "emotional problems" that got worse when he got
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