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  1. I know he thinks deep down its not ok .. I'm actually fine with him having kids to 2 mums .. as we are in our 40's we come with exes and kids (sometimes) 3 is something i ahve never come.accross in my life ive said this and he normalizes it by saying oh its common for.men .. ummm no lol
  2. After being a counseller for 12 years he knows everything lol (Apparantly)
  3. His kids are with women he had relationships with 10,4 .and 5 years.. i most definitely agree it was irresponsible .. thing is he plays it down sees it as perfectly ok to have multiple exes Yesterday it general convo he makes a passing statement that its worse when women have more than 2 fathers to their children ..its acceptable if men do .. he said he knew quite a few men who are some situation as him..
  4. The chic messaged me a few months later.. saying she was happy for us etc
  5. Nope I have mentioned it but said he will when ready
  6. Shw is 4 soon No he wants no more and neither do i 18 months
  7. He pays child support for 3 the other ones are older Yes the exes are civil and occasionally communicate as far as i know
  8. He has made some poor choices in the past Life choices etc
  9. I dont want to snoop and dont want him to snoop haha But its more about not being open or if i ask who someone is tahts nessaging him he feels violated .. i dont ask ro see messagesjust who they are etc He did message a random in first few weeks of our dating ..flirting and chatting and he wouldnt add me on fb until he deleted her etc maybe it still haunts me
  10. Do you and your so have access to each others phones and facebook passwords etc? My bf of 18.months says its n invasion of privacy and isnt secretive but hates snooping and sees it as a trust issue.. He messages girls at work as i see it pop up but no idea what the convos are about Just wondering if others think same?
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