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  1. In fairness Ian, I've only said it once before and that was that I was having a break. Anyhow, in this case it is a final farewell, as I'll be asking and admin to delete my account. All the best Ian. Good luck to you on your journey. Just to say, I've had some fantastic support in this thread and I genuinely appreciate those who spent time replying to my issues and concerns. I'm in quite the different place than I was 8 months ago. Back in August I was having suicidal thoughts and had little to no self esteem. I've achieved so much, mentally and physically and I'm all set on this new adventure of life. Enotalone has been a part of that journey, and I wont forget it. All the best x
  2. Thank you I've found there is a bullying mentality on here from a certain area, and I just do not feel comfortable sharing my story/issues.
  3. Long time since I posted in here, I do hope everyone is well. I've decided that I probably wont be posting here anymore. In fairness, I haven't for some months but for those that were interested in my photography and my journey, I didn't feel it was fair to just disappear. Truth be told, for one reason or another, I just do not feel comfortable sharing my story on here anymore. The good news is I'm well, the fittest I've ever been and currently I have lost a total of 70 pounds in weight. For anyone who wishes to keep in touch, drop me a PM and I'll happily share a link to where I can be found. All the best, stay safe and stay positive. x
  4. Haha, well hope it goes well! Yep, all is going well on that front. I've lost the weight I put on over Christmas (7 pounds) so my next target is 17 stone (2 less from where I am) by Easter, and hopefully I can get back on the Lakeland Fells. I've also set up a Facebook page documenting my journey, and I've started writing a book. All very positive, and it's helping my mental health during this lockdown. Look forward to hearing how the dog walk goes.... (no inverted commas this time!)
  5. Good news on the 'dog walk', hope it goes well! Must admit I'm not a fan of the new Journal Club, I feel like it has all become hidden away out of sight. If I was visiting the forum I'd never have found it. I've pretty much given up on my journal now, find it hard enough to find it myself, let alone anyone else.
  6. 7 mile local walk today. Temperature hovered around '0' so a number of places were very icy. Some bits felt a bit of a slog....but it's good for my fitness, and will help for when I get back to the big mountains in the spring.
  7. Thanks LaH Yes, we are doing a local one tomorrow. Back in November I set up a Facebook page to document my 'journey' and I've had a lot of really good feedback. One suggestion has been that I write a book......which I've started today! Things are feeling positive!
  8. Thanks for asking Ian. Her tummy issues are back to normal so the antibiotics worked. She's her normal self at the moment, currently looking out of the window at the snow falling!
  9. First day back teaching after Christmas.....then at 20:00 the Prime Minister announces full lockdown (including schools) until the end of February at least. Now scrambling around emailing parents trying to organise teaching. Hoping all continue to have lessons....... Going to bed.
  10. I don't care what people say about the prequels.....Revenge of the Sith is one of my favourite Star Wars films. 'You were my brother Anakin.....I loved you'
  11. Another from yesterday. Looking towards the Scafell range. I'll do a full write up later.
  12. Thanks Rose I got a bit upset regarding Lass last night. I had a look at the 'lump' it's like a fleshy flap between her tongue and molars, a bit like a skin tag you can get on your skin (about 2cm long). I'm very thankful I have pet insurance as I'm going to see about the vets removing it in the next few weeks. I left Lass at home today after the past week and her upset stomach. I'll post some more photos later, but here is one I took after walk. Wast Water and the Wasdale valley looking directly towards Great Gable.
  13. I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas so far. Lass hasn't been too well. The day after our hike she began vomiting, followed by diarrhoea. I called at the vets on Christmas Eve who recommended a bland diet of chicken and eggs. Although she is now fine in herself, the diarrhoea continued (she had me up at 3am this morning). It looks like a bacterial infection, so they have given me antibiotics. They also mentioned a small lump at the back of her mouth, most likely its nothing and fairly common, but to keep an eye on it. Trying to not dwell on it though, and look at it more positive. Should be out hiking on Wednesday.
  14. Thanks LaH, and thank you for your support over the last few months, it's really been appreciated. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.
  15. I appreciate I've been quiet over the last few weeks. We've been ok, I just haven't had the desire to really post anything. Almost two weeks ago we had a horrendous hike. Bad weather, misjudging how long it would take, and I ended up coming down the mountain side when it was nearly dark. Lesson learnt, and I'll be better prepared next time. On Tuesday we had an amazing hike. Good weather, breathtaking views and just the best of companions by my side! We'd planned to head out early this morning to do a similar hike, but last vomited a few times yesterday, and then had diarrhoea last night, so we made decision to leave it today, and both of us have a well earned rest. Next week looks dry, so we will head out then. Incidentally I received a message from 'C' asking about meeting up now she is back up here. I've replied and I'm awaiting to hear back. Any meet up will be taken at face value, nothing more.
  16. Well this is all new a shiny!! Having a decent week so far. It is my last week of full teaching until the New Year, and I must admit I'm really looking forward to the break! I've a planned hike for Saturday (weather maybe a bit wet) but I'm determined to still get out, burn some calories and build some muscles. Had a bit of a fall on Sunday evening, mis judged a step upstairs and really hurt my foot and elbow. I don't think it matters how old you are....when you fall and hurt yourself, you fell like you are 5 again! Had a bit of a surprise text this week. Someone I went on a date with back in August dropped me a message, we met on a dating app. I'll be honest, I didn't really feel any attraction, but could see a friendship coming out of it. Last heard from her in October, but received a nice message a couple of days ago and we plan to meet up in the New Year.
  17. Cheers Ian. I'm really enjoying the therapy, I've another 2 sessions left (we are having a two week gap between the sessions this time), but I could pay to have more (these sessions are being covered by my employment). Untitled by Dales Boy, on Flickr Yesterday's fell walk was hard.... really hard. Primarily because of the snow and ice on the tops. There wasn't a lot, but where there was it made ascents (but more so) descents difficult, not helped by a border collie that likes to pull ahead occasionally. It was around 6 and half miles in total but due to the snow it took me around 7 hours, with some fairly gruelling ascents. In total I climbed an ascent total of 2423ft. There were aspects I really enjoyed, and other bits I hated and asked 'why am I doing this....' Overall though, it was another positive experience. I'm certainly getting fitter.....and pushing myself harder each time! Lass enjoyed it too! Untitled by Dales Boy, on Flickr Untitled by Dales Boy, on Flickr
  18. Well that is fascinating.......wonder why it is banned? Not such much Hobbit film, but 'Hobbit films'. Clearly some studio execs thought they could milk it for all it is worth, and decided to make the small Hobbit novel into three movies! There is some scenes with Sauron which I think are awesome, and clearly use reference to the appendix in Lord of the Rings, 'Return of the King'.....but so much from I can gather is not in the book. New character introduced for a love story that wasn't in the novel. The big thing for me, is the Lord of the Rings trilogy used the landscapes of New Zealand (with CGI) along with miniature work to make a believable world. The Hobbit movies rely very heavily on CGI and it shows. Some of the action scenes in the last film felt ludicrous! Tonight I have had a really good therapy session. Focusing on how my attachment/dependency relates back to childhood and my mother. The good thing though is I can see it now and be aware of it. The positivity that I am really discovering the real me and what makes me tick is giving me a real buzz. I'm genuinely amazed at how far I've come in a relatively short space of time, but remain steadfast not to become complacent and slip back into older habits with unhealthy ways of thinking.
  19. Read Fellowship years ago and sadly gave up on Two Towers. Decided to start over, with the Hobbit after watching the 3rd Hobbit film.....hard to believe it’s the same director as the LotR trilogy....not good!
  20. Sounds like we get a similar experience from these outdoor activities. I'm really learning to respect the mountain, and I'm ordering some outdoor survival gear, just in case of emergencies. I went a bit OTT on research books (the Hobbit was just incase I had more time....not research!) 😂 129605930_124059869522642_2846947553551342902_o by Dales Boy, on Flickr Saturday morning's walk looks to be about 6 miles long, with a 1986ft ascent....so enough to get the muscles working. Best of all though, with the morning sun rising in the east, I should get some nice photographs of the sun hitting the western and northern mountains......as long as the sun does shine!
  21. Thanks Rose I think because these are proper mountain walks I love properly planning my routes, so I have an idea what to expect and also know how many miles I’m going to do. The plan is to do a smaller hill but still a good ascent plus combining by walking around one of the lakes. Plus I can photograph from safety the snow on the mountain tops. Someone has recommended for every walk planned , have a back up so you aren’t disappointed. In other news I’m 4 pound off a total weight loss of 4 stone since August! Still so much for me to be positive about!
  22. I've been a bit quiet for a few days. I'd planned a good walk this weekend, but with the weather turning a bit wintery, I've had to change my plans. I realise I had been obsessing a bit about these walks, as I've felt like rubbish this evening with the prospect of not doing the type of walk I wanted. It shows again old habits surfacing, how I am focusing my happiness to one aspect of my life? I do wish someone could explain how my brain works!
  23. Thanks Rose I think the biggest sense of achievement today was climbing 1,791 feet in only two miles. I never thought I’d be able to do this!
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