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  1. To be clear here, I really liked her - still do - a part of me wanted to try to see where it was going and the other part just wanted to run, I talked to friends and family on what I should do multiple times - i fell in a huge depression mid-way, would it be better to waste another good 1-2 months and then slowly drift away due to my unresolved insecurities? I had a battle with myself - and yes, the timing was horrible. I didn't just run, i stayed in contact 2 weeks after and met up again and explained how I was feeling and offered to be her friend for now and she said she understood but don't
  2. I was at a doctors appointment and in my file I had records of a previous unfinished aspbergers diagnose from when I was a kid - we had a screening and he saw the symptoms, I will re-visit for a full evaluation next week. Iv'e never said "i love you" to someone, i never had a relationship and I have insecurities. I read what you all say - and all I can do now is to ACCEPT the NC and not hurting this girl anymore, I can't take back my insecurities and my way of handling emotions - what I can do is to promise myself to lay out these insecurities beforehand and work on myself before pursuing a
  3. Should I let her go? What bothers me is that I never got the chance to get to know her
  4. It could be due to the persons current stage in life and how he manages it - I was this guy once. A depression hit me and I started to be unsure about a lot of things and i ended something in a bad way - i needed to find myself. I think it's all about maturity and dealing with your problems. I ended it since I wasn't ready for a relationship - still i like the person a lot so I also offered friendship but just like in your case it wasn't an option.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys - it's been a huge wake-up call. My feelings of guilt have now when I really thought it through turned to feelings - this as indeed a keeper even tho we didn't know eachother that well yet. I miss her. Now i have second thoughts about my previous messages but that was what i felt at that time, the depression distorted everything. I have grown as a person a lot when it comes to relationships and handling things. I still feel emotionally unavailable for a relationship but i do miss her - I also know realize that i went this far due to having feeling (i never told h
  6. You're right. I think i might also been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome - i'm going to a checkup next month. A diagnose is no excuse for bad behaviour but it might explain things to myself a bit more - i never want to hurt anyone i just go in very bad depressions and hurt myself and others. I'm just worried sick about her and I want the best for her - we left on a good note and i held in my tears (i know you should'nt stalk) but i checked after 4 days and she had deactivated her social profiles - i'm curious if this is a normal thing to do? We only dated but it has affected me in a big wa
  7. Hey, Trev here. This is going to by my first and long post, any tips and help is appreciated - let me start by saying that I’ve always been the shy guy and I have enormous commitment issues, my main priority has been to confirm myself since I need to work before letting anyone in. I talked to a girl for 2 months after a trip in LA that I met at a coffee shop through a friend this year and we had amazing chats and I liked her, at the same time I talked to other girls but it felt good having her to talk to - I didn't have any relationship thoughts since I’ve been living alone for quite some t
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