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  1. Making excuses on not handling this myself? I'm broke. So how would I handle this??
  2. You're right mustlovedogs I should not be having sex but I was super super careful and always made sure the condom was on but now this. The school would report it because that's the policy but with a different doctor, if I go with a native it'd be easier to keep things on the DL
  3. I did like 2 weeks ago and got a bit of an irritation. I only noticed this rash when I started using new non-cotton pads so I'm just hoping it's because of the pads. I'm in South Korea.
  4. That's just the way it is. They report it to immigration if you have something. I'm not making this up.
  5. Yes there is a facility but if I use that facility and they find out I have something. I'll lose my student visa as well as my scholarship. So this is why I swallowed my pride and asked for his help to go to a doctor and keep things on the DL. I can't do that on my own because of the language barrier. All my other friends are foreigners who would have no clue. I can't ask anyone to wire me money.
  6. Planned parent hood etc there's nothing of that sort, I'm in Asia and I can't pop into a regular doctors office because nobody will be able to speak English and I can't go to international hospitals because that is too expensive for me. He even won't go with me and navigate the language barriers for me as he is a native here.
  7. So I had a friends with benefits that kind of fizzled out mainly because he claimed to be so consumed with law school so he was unavailable. Anyway about 2 weeks after our last encounter I noticed some rash down there, this started after I started using new sanitary pads on my period. This guy and I used condoms ALL the time so I'm so confused as to where this rash is coming from. It could be the new sanitary pads. I did contact him and asked him if he got tested recently and he said he had and told me that he has zero symptoms.. I am a broke student and I am a foreigner here with no medical insurance, a simple check up will cost me hundreds of dollars. I hate asking but I asked him for financial help to go to the doctor and he ignored me after this. This guy blew money by buying me dinners and we stayed in hotel rooms on his dime. I then told him that sometimes symptoms in men don't show and that he too needs to get tested again. He then told me that he will go and get his own test and I ignored him after this. He now has asked me if I'm okay now. I know he is under no obligation to help me but I think the way he handled the situation is so tacky, ignoring me for over 24 hours whilst I am busy panicking, broke and distraught over if I have an STD or not. From his response he clearly doesn't want to help me, is the part were I block him completely and try to gather money from Lord knows where to take myself to the hospital?
  8. I'm not trying to apply dating rules here. This guy takes me out on dates we don't just have sex. In the beginning of the arrangement he did text more often and we weren't even incessantly texting but just a few texts throughout the day but till recently he ignored me for two days straight. I'm not angry because I wanted him to send me lovie dovie stuff or acting super interested in my day or anything but the basic decency to just let me know that he was busy and he'd get in touch when he was free, or if he wasn't interested he could have just been upfront. I would have been cool with it. Instead, he just ignored me for two days after a month of daily texts? Anyone would be annoyed because this set up of daily texts was something that we had established as the norm for us since every FWB has it's own "norms". Even he would get annoyed if I took long to respond so I'm not being unrealistic here.
  9. So I texted him and the conversation went like this. Me: Hey, hope the exams are going well? Him: Haaah not well, it's so stressful😭 Me: Ah sorry to hear that, wish you all the best :) Him: Hahaha Thank you 😭 I didn't respond and I left it at that. I think if I'm honest with myself, I cannot do a FWB with someone who is so detached, we are not robots. I'm not going to block him or anything. It just sucks because this was a mutual exchange and the way he went about things is like he just saw me as a challenge and now he's done.
  10. Actually we spoke for two weeks before we actually met and we hooked up on the first date. He was more communicative and lovey dovey with a hint of coldness and he'd sometimes leave my messages on read after the first hook up but since these mid terms, he has become so unreachable. I actually texted him today and just asked him how exams are going and he responded almost immediately and said that it's not going well and he's stressed so I wished him goodluck and he said thanks. He didn't even ask how I've been and to me that was the straw that broke the camels back, he doesn't have manners. I'm not looking for lovey dovey texts but he's so distant for me to engage with him on a human level or even as friends and honestly I do not feel comfortable being intimate with someone who is so distant, I need that connection, the flirting etc because as much as FWB are all about sex you have to have conversations to some degree because even in the bedroom it won't be fun, so I think I need to move on.
  11. So I started a friends with benefits situation with a guy and it has and been going on for almost a month. We mainly kept in touch everyday and that set some kind of precedent on the whole arrangement but then after we hooked up on Sunday he went completely quiet. On Monday night I texted and said why the silence and he sent a link of some stupid song. I then said to him I was sad because I missed his body and I followed up with a hehe.. he ignored me for 2 days. After 2 days of radio silence, I then texted on Wednesday morning and told him he didn't have to ghost me, I didn't want anything from him, just sex and told him goodbye. And he replied telling me to not jump to conclusions because he was busy with midterms, he's in law school. I didn't respond to him. How was I supposed to know if he didn't tell me? I didn't reply him honestly, in fear of being ignored again. I know that in an friends with benefits situation, the guy doesn't "owe" you constant texts but that doesn't mean courtesy and respect goes out the window. Like hey I'm totally busy this week, will text you on the weekend. I think this guy is just a crappy friends with benefits. Should I text him something like how were the exams or should I just leave it? We usually hook up on Sundays.
  12. You need to break it off, he'll waste your your time and break your heart in the process if this situation progresses.
  13. I genuinely believe that when someone really likes you too and has strong feelings for you there is no such thing as scarring them off but you do "scare someone off" if they're not sure about you. I don't think you scared her off by calling and texting etc because when doesn't want to be checked up on. Sometimes you miss someone and want to reconnect but then you're reminded that your feelings are no as strong or you don't really want this.
  14. I am really old fashioned when it comes to dating. I think the guy should do the pursuing for the most part during the initial stages, if you go on a first date he should ask you when he can see you again that kind of thing and if you're interested he'll know based on your responses to invitations or just your general vibe towards him. If he's not asking to see you again, he's not interested. If you went on this great date and he goes MIA for a while that's not good because if you really like someone you would want to keep that vibe going in between dates. I too hate the feeling of pursuing a man, I was recently in a situation where the guy would give me handshakes after the dates and I wanted things to be a little like romantic because our dates seemed like business meetings lol. I think I came on too strong and now he's distant. So I'll stick to the guy pursuing me.
  15. I believe that if a man really wants to make things work with you, he won't leave you hanging or wondering. Men are all about action, if he really wanted to get back together he wouldn't be doing this crap. I think he's just leaving you hanging so you can boost his ego. The back and forth texting with an ex will lead nowhere, I know this feeling of relief when he texts you but is it really worth it when the guy isn't even reassuring you through action that he wants you back.
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