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  1. I never really liked my life...My mom's an acholholic and my dad likes drugs more than me. I first started cutting in fourth gr and only stopped for bout two weeks but that's it. I became anorexic for a year and couldn't look at food until my mom took me to a hospital, and I told her what was going on and that I take pills,throw up,don't eat, cut and lot more and she told me that I'm a dumb . I hate when ppl say that it's best to tell ur parents but tbh it's NOT. Some parents will comfort u but others won't they will get u a therapist and force every thing to stop. MY ANXIETY ISN'T A SWITCH MOM! My family looks at me different.

    My parents don't question my long sleeves but when I have to where something where my arms are exposed I use makeup but sometimes it wont help. I feel like I'm trapped in my head but can't get out. I don't need a shrink and I don't need to cry I just need to get out of my mind for at least five seconds I need advise....


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