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  1. So I downloaded bumble once I got over my breakup of 4 years, just to meet new people and I met this man. he is EXACTLY what I was looking for, face, hair, education level, travel, age difference (he’s 26 I’m 21) even down to he loves the same kind of dog that I do. We met, I said we should go for a drink before my trip 3 weeks ago, which we did. We ended up telling funny stories for hours before he drove me home. It was amazing so I said we should see each other again. After that we have been snapchatting every day, and after work two weeks ago he said we should do something together and we decided on a walk on a trail, again just talking about everything. At the end of the date we had a great kiss. After that just like before, snap chatting a lot, replying to my story with heart eyes, saying I look cute and that he wishes he were cuddling with me, throwing cheesy pickup lines. Then last week, I was out downtown and he asked if I had a ride home, I said no, and we decided I would stay the night at his place. He picked me up, we obviously slept together (once in the night once in the morning) he was being very sweet. Gave me a good morning kiss, rubbed my back, complimented my soft skin. He dropped my off back home with his shirt still on (which I still have) because I had to go to work. Later that evening he showed up to my work to have a drink with his best guy friend. Now even food, just a drink, and they sat in my section almost as if looking for me. I talked to them a bit, not too much because I still don’t know what he wants so I was nervous to assume I could join them. Since then I’ve had it in my head that he’s not into me. Still Snapchat but not as much, two days ago I sent a really cute snap to which he did reply “check you out” with a little kissy face. But we haven’t been talking as much, he still snaps me first sometimes, like yesterday, but doesn’t reply to snaps other times even if he posts a story, like today (granted he’s at a beach so I was thinking maybe data?) but he doesn’t seem in a hurry to see me again. Yesterday I asked when I should give his shirt back, he replied “hopefully this weekend, what is your schedule like” I sent it to him and he just said “hmmm we will figure it out, even if it’s spur of the moment” I just haven’t been dating since I was 16, and I’m hooked on this guy so I don’t want to mess anything up, I just can’t tell if he likes me. Oh and also I found out that a new friend of mine went on a few dates with him, the last one being 2 days before I met him, but she didn’t even kiss him cause she turned him down. I know he’s probably dating other people, but I want to know if he’s interested in me. If you need more info comment
  2. I didn’t know weather to put this in breakups or dating, but me and my bf of 4 years have been broken up for 2 weeks. In retrospect I have been planning it for months , and in the end we were fighting and were basically only acting as roommates. Plus he was so nasty to be, I didn’t even cry when we broke up because I distanced myself before I did it. Honestly I haven’t even been feeling sad about him, I haven’t been missing him. My only thoughts of him were when he would text me freaking out and calling me names and making me feel bad. So tonight I saw an old ex/friend of mine. I wouldn’t say it was a serious relationship, and after we broke up we were more like friends with benefits. We almost slept together, things got in the way, but we want to tomorrow. Is that bad? I mean I was kinda wanting this, even with him because I’m comfortable with him, we’ve done it before. It just seems “wrong” after a breakup you know? Even tho I feel as thought I’m over it due to my ex being so nasty to me, and me thinking about it for months. Should I feel bad? I wanted this
  3. She is stable. Actually she has asked me many many tines if he is controlling or mean. She said she is scared he is going to end up like his father (who was very mean and controlling to her) but obviously when she asked I said everything was fine. So now that we’re over I didn’t know if i should tell her that yes he is mean, and yes he is controlling so I think he needs somebody to talk to and professional help
  4. No he wouldn’t physically harm me. Just emotionally abusive for sure. I gave him so many chances because I know how much he hates himself. I’m in nursing so I have a soft spot for people who have mental health illnesses, so I always thought things will change if he just got help. But he didn’t, and he refused to.
  5. By the way we texted because we lived together away from our homes for the past 3 years because of school. I’m done school for the year now but he still has a month left, so he’s currently still away in our apartment and I’m home with my family. That’s why I couldn’t do it in person. But honestly even if I could I don’t think I would have, he’s been known to block doors in fights so I wouldn’t leave so who knows if that would have happened
  6. I’m not sure if anybody has seen my previous posts, but I’ll sum up my 4 year relationship a bit for reference. We’re both 21, started dating when we were 16. Only guy I’ve ever been with. Broke up twice before, all my decision. He says horrible things in fights, including telling me in a piece of , and go kill myself. He has mental health problems and has always said that’s the cause but refuses to talk to anybody, I got him on meds but stopped taking them. He purposely tries to make me mad or sad. If I get a good grade, or I succeed in some way he acts as if it’s no big deal but he’s basically a saint if the same happens for him. He has lied about his friends saying bad things about me just to make me feel bad. I have never even met half of his friends. Things were good sometimes, but not the relationship that I expected. After fights he would go into honeymoon faze but then a week later the same thing. Even lately in the fights he would say he can’t wait to breakup once he’s done school. So the past few months I’ve been going to my therapist getting up the courage to leave. I love him, so I didn’t want to but I knew I had to. So two days ago he texted me saying that I’ve been distant and that he’d “done” because I’m not trying. So I agreed even tho he was expecting an apology. So I said I think we should both be done, then 17 missed calls later I told him I can’t talk on the phone because all he would do is try to talk me out of it like the last times, and he wouldn’t have let me speak. I’ve been getting texts ever since. In the first day he said he respects my decision but I need to answer the phone, I told him I need space and I can’t talk to him for a while. I sent his numbers of texts saying He can’t talk to me after I would see I’ve missed 5 from him. Today I told him if he won’t stop contacting me I’ll have to block him, and all he’ll broke loose. He said I’m f’ed and that I obviously don’t care about him, that I’m treating him like , that I’m being so rude and that I never loved him. I feel horrible. I don’t want to get back with him but he’s making me think I’m a monster. Am I? Should I have talked to him even tho he would only try to change my mind? I’m afraid he’s going to make me seem like a monster to his family and friends. I even thought maybe I could text his mother and say all I wanted is space and that I’m not trying to be rude. Help, what do I do, what should I think
  7. I need arvise on how to break up with someone. Me and my boyfriend have been together since we were 16, he’s been the only guy I’ve ever been with. We are now 21, lived together for the past 3 years, have 2 cats together. Practically married for the past few years. But I know we need to break up. I know I’m not treated right, I know I deserve better, I know we have different goals and morals, and overall idea of what a relationship should be like. But I don’t remember him not being the #1 person in my life, so although I know this needs to end, I don’t know how to do it. He’s done school now, and I’m only 1 year away from being a registered nurse. I feel like I want to be independent and finally not rely on anybody because now it feels like my life is starting to get real. I’ve broken up with him before, only for a few days, but he didn’t take t well. Blowing up my phone, not allowing me my space. I don’t know if I can do it again to his face. I was thinking about over text, over the phone, through a letter. I know that seems so wrong but I have a panic disorder and anxiety so I don’t know if I can make it through another intense face to face breakup seeing as ive never broken up with anybody. And what do I say? Do I just block him from everything and move on? Do no contact? The past 2 times I’ve left him I ran right back only within a few days. What if I do that again? How do I get over this? I’m not sure how to deal with breaking up with someone who has been there for so long. Please help any advice is needed.
  8. So I have heavily been thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend of 4 years. I feel as though we are going completely different directions, and he can be very manipulative, but I can’t do anything now due to living conditions and exams coming up (I have dibilitating anxiety). So he has been away for work term the past 3 weeks, so I haven’t been seeing him much. I came home yesterday, and asked him if he were coming over, and he said if you give me a good reason, and then said he was expecting the best “ blow” job ever.... so I just agreed. When he came over he was being really rude. Giving me annoyed looks, not even talking to me or my family, and when my mom tried to talk to him he basically gave yes or no answers and comtinued on his phone. It was really late so I went to bed, he followed, and said he wanted one because I agreed and we haven’t seen each other in so long. I didn’t want to because he was being rude all night and I was tired, so he got super mad and said I lied then saying I would give him one. When we woke up this morning he wanted one again, I said no because he was being rude to me and my family all night, and he got out of bed packed his bag and practically ran out the door, texting me right after saying “thanks again you’re so nice”.... then posted that he wanted to hangout with anyone who wanted. I just want to know if I’m in the wrong and should have treated him to something seeing as we haven’t seen each other in a long time, even tho I feel like he was being very immature about it.
  9. I have spoke to him about this behaviour before, as I have broken up with him due to his mistreatment towards me. After the second breakup we even went to therapy together so that I could ask him why he treats me this way, but then he stopped going. I’ve told him he is nasty in fights and needs to stop, and that he needs to give me positive attention but he only changes immediately after breaking up and then it goes back to the same thing
  10. I have heard the term “emotional abuse” before when seeking advice from family and friends, and even my therapist but if it were wouldn’t I hate him? If he was emotionally abusive wouldn’t I think he’s the worst thing ever? That he’s an ? At first I thought emotional abuse too but I feel like I would try to avoid him more, and that I wouldn’t love him as much as I do, or want to be around him all the time. He doesn’t isolate me, he just doesn’t want me around boys. Girls he doesn’t care about.
  11. Me and my boyfriend have been together since we were 16 (21 now) and have lived together for 3 years. We moved across the province in a new city not knowing anybody for university, so I’ve relied on him a lot in the past 3 years, plus he’s been the only guy I’ve ever been with. We have broken up twice before, both my decision, because he can be nasty to me in fights, really lower my self worth in arguments. He’s not the type to make me feel good about myself, I think if he feels as though I know I’m pretty I’ll leave him, so I never get any “you look good today” ever. He also hasn’t really celebrated my success, he’s never happy when something good happens to me. I think hes almost jealous of me. He is a good guy, he has his own issues, but generally a decent guy. But I don’t know why he enjoys to make me angry or upset. He likes to talk about girls flirting with him because it “gets me mad” and he likes it. And when my mother says a guy was looking at me he says “mhm” as if he doesn’t want me to think I’m anything to look at. I don’t know why he does this, but then at the end of every night we cuddle and watch movies together, and he speaks about how much he loves me. He also doesn’t like when I go out, or have anything to do with guys ever, even tho I found out this week he has been hanging around with a girl, texting her all the time, and sending pictures of them studying together to “his boys”. It’s like he’s showing her off. He also jokes to my best friend about how she’s just his “side hoe” although she has a boyfriend. There’s more to the story even but this is getting too long. I need help... I feel like when I say all of these things the answer is right in front of me, he doesn’t respect me, but why can’t I leave him? Why can I not fathom to think about not having him in my life? What do I do.
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