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  1. And just how so? Meaning if someone acts a certain way i.e. like a bully does that not make them a bully. If a person man or woman sleeps around allot don't that make them Easy/Player? If someone puts up thousands of pics with their boobs hanging out, selfies, butt pics what does that make them? Attention seeking no? kind of immoral? sorry everyone has a opinion and that is mine you don't need to agree with it. But I think I am done with this forum so all of ya can off
  2. And what thread is that? HUH? oh the last one because a admin closed it? Well I wasn't done with it. If you don't like it don't respond or read it.
  3. Highschool? Got zero clue what you are talking about. Sure she can get unsolicited attention but when your seeking that attention AND respond to it then you are condoning it. looking for Empathy with Penis Pics? With showing boobs? really what Empathy is that. You all Can come down on me all you want. I find that type of person to be immoral and not for me. YOU ALL can call it anyway you want and just shows me the general morals now a days is in the gutters. If a guy has to compete with 700 plus of her friends (GUYS) means she's not the one period because if she was there would be no need for that.
  4. Might want to bring her to a doctor female doctor there might be a medical reason for this and not just pure rejection. Also was this a arranged marriage? I dated a middle eastern woman her first marriage was arranged and she hated him and hated sex but with me was absolutely insane like it was all new for her.
  5. What's everyone's opinion on being friends with your ex? My opinion is that if you are in a relationship that is a thin line dealing with your ex. a person you had very intimate contact with and in some instances yes and in others no. For instance I have a ex wife of 14 years, I don't want any part of any contact with her at all. In fact the only exes I have ever talked to afterwards are ones from my youth high school as such. BUT I have a recent Ex that we was together for 4 years. Besides being a couple we really enjoyed doing things together and was always really good friends. We both want to give it a shot at being friends. We put boundaries in place no rehashing the relationship part no throwing things into each others face and no rubbing it in each others face if or when we start dating again. We also have agreed no romantic stuff no matter how lonely we get. This was an issue in our relationship she stayed in contact with her exes but they was always trying to get with her and I felt that was disrespectful to me. and that is why I told her with us none of that. My friends think she collects men as back ups Just want to know what people think of being friends with Exes?
  6. At 32 you don't see a issue not driving? Most women would be like this guy is still a child does not have his act together? At 32 still in school? I was already 8 years into being a accountant. you are way behind the ball. Might want to rethink priorities both my kids at 16 got their licenses and paid for it themselves and bought their cars in highschool
  7. Dude really 32 need driving lessons and cant buy a car. You got a lot more to worry about
  8. How old are you? that is so immature not even funny send her the gift back and grow up
  9. 2 notes my son has autism barely functions no chance he will have a kid unless raped. second middle name stops the lineage, in my family that goes back 400 years ends with me. I have had 2 kids a boy and a girl. All I would like is a chance for another child or 2. I am a great dad make good money can afford a family with out having the mom work etc.
  10. the system is broken, I don't have the energy or time to even attempt to fix it. look into it the good ones are abused by the system and taken advantage of by the system. the bad ones that are in it for the money well there are many more of those. 90% of foster kids are not adopted but are returned to family or age out of the system. Sorry not looking to invest years just for the child to leave.
  11. Nope just want the Chance my Daughter has such a special place in my heart. all I am seeking is the chance for a son. but boy girl don't matter as long as healthy fingers crossed
  12. My wife of 14 years had an affair with another married man for 2.5 years. She still hasn't ever admitted it. if the Guy she was cheating with didn't get video taped throwing the affair in his wife's face I would not have known how long. 14 years together 17 years been divorced for 4 NOT 1 word on why, or even confirming it. It took sometime but it no longer matters on why but the fact it happened.
  13. Move on just need to know its over not why. You think it will feel better knowing why but rarely does. it is just a way to hold onto the feelings. Its over his stuff is gone focus on you and heal
  14. Yup was in foster care and worst part of my life. Gave me PTSD. I get it is always a gamble I understand that. I also would like a son to pass my name onto that has my DNA. My son will never have kids and my Daughter is married so name change. I do get your drift on the dating side of things. Guess its all a gamble. thank you for responding.
  15. then you know what you need to do. bye bye lose him
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