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  1. Yeah definitely, I actually feel so hurt.
  2. Doesn't even matter now. I found out from a mutual friend, all this time she's been trying to get back with her ex etc.. while sleeping with me etc
  3. I asked her why she keeps doing this and she replied by saying well if you look I'm never really on this app :S
  4. I know I did, I tried to keep it light and casual as much as possible but now I'm being ignored 🤷♀️🤷♀️ I feel so dumb.😩
  5. Well I'm stupid, went 4 days no contact with my ex, to recieve a restricted message on Instagram saying "hope you're good".. I stupidly replied and now I'm being ignored😤🥺 I just don't get why people do this..
  6. No it's okay, I should of explained properly! Today is the 3rd day of no contact and I really want to reach out to her but I refuse to be treated like I have been
  7. Not at all, she's shown her true colours to me and it's definitely not somebody I want to build a life/relationship with. Just needed some advice on the whole NC :)
  8. I never insinuated that I wanted to unblock her?! And I do get what No Contact means thank you, there is no need to be rude, I only asked what should I do when I find myself wanting to talk to her because again as I stated on my post I've never been one to be in NC before, I've always been the one that's blocked after a breakup👍
  9. Yes I have gone no contact, she is blocked off everything. Her number is deleted from my phone, she's blocked on Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat.. She doesn't have Facebook so that's OK and of course you can still reach out when your the one who initiates NC, it's easy to just go on your blocked list and unblock?! You can't delete someone's Instagram profile can you? I've also blocked her friends so she can't contact me through them and my friends have blocked her. Yes she knows where I live unfortunately she also works just behind my house too but I doubt she will have the courage to even knock on my door considering she couldn't even bothered to reply to my message hours after I sent it.
  10. I know some of you have read my previous posts, yes it was a short relationship but it has had a lasting effect on me.. last night I decided to go NC (again) after being ignored countless times.. just wondering, what should you do when you find yourself wanting to speak to your ex/reaching out? I've never been the one to initiate NC so this is a first for me. Cheers.
  11. It seems she only messages me when it's convienent, I really want to reach out to her now to see if she's okay but there's no point. I miss her a lot. This is from a girl who's usually quite needy with me even as friends she would be constantly messaging me and now it's just stopped. We spoke last night and she said that she is hesitant to speak to me because I make her feel like a bad person.
  12. So, she messaged me with "hope you're okay crying emoji" after I said we need to be apart so we aren't hurting each other by sleeping with another which she replied, "I respect your choice".. So I replied to her hope you're okay.. and again, noticed she was online and not even bothering to look at my message, she only seems to give me attention is when I block her and even then it's to tell me she isn't very well or something. And I was talking to her because I felt rude not replying to her message
  13. You're right but I just feel so lost and depressed. She made me incredibly happy after what my ex did but I think that's all we were meant to be, help each other through what our exes did.. Like I say, I did block her but she found a way to message me asking if I was okay and then ignored me alot again.. but when I block she always says, I was poorly etc But she says she's not been speaking to me because I always make her feel like a bad person, that isn't the case, she knows I hate being ignored but she starts up a conversation half the time.
  14. I told her the other day that I didn't want to talk and she respected my choice but then messaged me that night asking if I was alright then ignored me!
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