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  1. Ooh...look at that! Today I got an acceptance letter in the mail from the very last-chance college I applied to. Score!!! Thanks everybody for your replies, but EVERYTHING just changed. My passion for music is finally paying off.
  2. Hmm. I think I'm good with animals (although I've never worked with horses before) and 5-noon are my peak hours for physical activity. Neat! Super neat! Maybe it's different in Canada, but either way I'll get by. Thanks for the idea. I am going to ask around about this...
  3. I appreciate the brain-racking!!! But every job seems to involve either more education than I can afford, more equipment than I can afford, or a bigger pay-cut than I can afford. Maybe I should just go back on antidepressants until I've learned to love my call-centre job, since it seems to be my destiny. The most painful thing that can happen to you when you're working at a call centre is discovering you're good at it.
  4. Yeah...but in Canada you need a bachelors' degree or better before the parks service will hire you.
  5. After spending the last six months getting bombarded with college rejection letters, I have decided to give my chosen career (music production) a rest and try something else. The problem is, I have no idea what kinds of jobs I might like. I have hated all of my past jobs, because they were A) very people-oriented, and B) I had to spend most of the day indoors. Are there any jobs where you can go most of the day without seeing another human being, where you spend at least half the day outdoors, and where higher education is not required? - since that does not seem to be in the cards fo
  6. Update. Only 15-20% of the people in the office end up making quota on a given day. I have made quota on three out of the last four working days. For whatever it's worth, I appear to be really, really good at this job. Too bad there's no potential for advancement. Here's a piece of advice that you won't get anywhere else - for all the unemployed-and-desperate people out there: if you speak English, and you can type reasonably well, drop off a resume at a call centre. You might discover you're good at it.
  7. Training lasted all of two hours, then we went out and worked the phones for two hours. There were four other trainees with me; three of them made quota. Thank you VERY much for your input, I will be thinking about all these things when I head into the office today.
  8. Has anyone here ever worked in a call centre before? I just started a new job doing market research. My first day on the job was Thursday, my second day is tomorrow. On my first day, I was supposed to finish a set number of surveys, but I finished less than half that number. I feel like I messed up bigtime. I have not worked in a long time, and I am really grateful to have found this job, and I DEFINITELY CAN'T AFFORD to lose it! How can I improve my speed without compromising the accuracy of the results?
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