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  1. Right, so I am fairly new to the who ''picking up girls in the club'' scene after my long term relationship ended. I am not scared of approaching and speaking to girls I find attractive, or just people in general, however I do have some issues with what exactly to say. Every article I seem to read on this says ''keep it light and use banter'' but they never explain exactly what that entails. Like how do I banter with a person I know literally nothing about, and how can I get to know them if asking them about themselves is ''too heavy for the club?'' Can you help me out with some good conversat
  2. Hi. I have been on Sertraline (Zoloft) 100mg for over 3 years. I took it to cope with depression, and its has helped there. However I have noticed more and more that It has blunted my emotions and even my sex drive. With particular reference to sex drive, I am still very much attracted to ladies, feel the drive to pursue them, and get aroused (though not as much as before). However, whilst I feel all these things mentally, physically I feel very little drive for sex. Even when I have a lady literally in my bed, I still don't feel driven to have sex. I do plan to go off the pills in the coming
  3. Unfortunately due to my Universities size there is no chance to break the ice and ask her for her number next time. I won't see them again unless they are in my class (she was not). So I need to know how to get her number on the spot.
  4. Hi, so today at my university I saw an absolutely stunning girl sitting by herself. She was short, cute and beautiful, just my type. The first girl I have seen in a while who I actually felt motivated to speak to. However, I waited too long and let my nerves get the better of me and she left. I am very angry at myself not only for losing her, but also for not having the balls to approach her. However I just wanted some advice on the best way to do this. A girl obviously does not want the guy to just come up and ask for her number immediately, but also does not want him to overstay his welcome.
  5. Perhaps. Weird though, because she was the one who was more obviously interested, and the one who would text non-stop. But I guess only the guy has to ''play the game cool.''
  6. So I went on a few dates with this girl I found really cool. They went great, and she seemed super keen. Until she randomly stopped texting and then wrote to me that she is not ready to date. Okay, I understand that as much as it sucks, even if it is just an excuse to not want to date me. But anyway, I said ''lets be friends'' because we got on really well and have a lot in common. She agreed, but I could see she wasn't serious. So I just asked her to give friendship a chance and go for one friendly lunch or something. Then she told me she doesn't want to be involved in anyway with me. I am so
  7. But when did she change her mind? She seemed so into me when I last saw her. She was actually more keen than me.
  8. She broke up with her last boyfriend a year ago.
  9. Hey, so I met this girl at my University about a month back. I found her really cute, and she texted me so I asked her out. Long story short we went on two great dates, and we got on super well. She shared my sense of humor, she was witty, adorable, had shared interests, etc. She also seemed super interested in me, not only during the countless texts but especially during the dates. I really thought I had found a girl I could truly connect with. However, after the second date a week ago (which went great, we kissed, we cuddled, she seemed to adore me) she went completely silent. Then yesterday
  10. She is 23, I am 22. We have dated for almost 3 years. The last 6 months have been really rough, with us constantly being on the brink of breaking up. Finally in this last few weeks we agreed to go on a break. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, she says that we have no emotional connection. I tend to agree that there is a spark missing, though I enjoy my time with her. She is also very demanding and emotionally unstable, which stresses me out often. Furthermore, I am struggling to commit fully to our relationship, as I feel I am not yet mature enough for the responsibilities (includin
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